Radio controlled creepy crawly

remote control tarantula
I love radio controlled toys and gadgets! I was surfing the net for a new or unique remote controlled toy when I stumbled upon this creepy crawly.

Yes, you are right this is a radio controlled tarantula. Imagine how much fun you could have with this toy. With its furry texture and spider-like movement, it most certainly can startle even an adult.

Just like most toys, batteries are not included. It will require 2AAA and 2AA to operate the remote control arachnid.

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The Swiss Army Drive!

swiss army drive

Is it an army knife? Is it a USB drive? No it’s Swiss Army Drive 🙂

Officially called by Victorinox as SwissMemory, a cool combination I haven’t thought of myself. It is for the Mac Gyver’s and tech-guys out there.

In its very compact design, you will have 1 GB memory stick, knife blade, nail file with screwdriver, scissors, key ring, LED mini-light, and retractable ballpoint pen.

I haven’t tried this device personally yet but the reviews I am seeing are great. This is indeed a potentially cool christmas gift.

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Do it yourself – Intelligent Humanoid

Do it yourself - Intelligent Humanoid robot

Building my own robot was one of my dreams since I was a kid. Now, LEGO has narrowed the gap between that dream and reality. With the LEGO Mindstorms NXT, you can build your own robot in different forms like scorpion,humanoid or even an alien life form(use your imagination 🙂 ).

The brain of the ‘toy’ is LEGO’s NXT, a 32-bit command center that can be programmed using a computer via USB or Bluetooth. The brain is nothing without its arms and legs. With a total of 519 specially selected LEGO TECHNIC elements and equipped model-specific building instructions, you can choose to build on different models ( Roverbot, Scorpio; Robotic Arm; Humanoid; Clock; )

Sure there are some neat robots that are available to the consumers out there but nothing compares to the fulfillment of a dream.

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Who’s watching the nanny?

Teddy bear spy camera

The cuddly teddy bear is now doing more than just being cute. It can now serve as an effective surveillance camera to keep an eye on your nanny.

SVAT’s Spy Eye Hidden Color Teddy Cam connects to your TV, VCR and even computer (video input hardware needed) through a wireless receiver. What’s cool about this is that it can go completely wireless for a short period of time using a 9V battery.

So to all naughty nannies out there beware.

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Twenty One – the new WENDY

Twenty One - the new Wendy

There’s a new kid in town, his name is Twenty One, he is the latest generation of the humanoid robots from Japan. He is the 21st century version of WENDY (Waseda ENgineering Designed sYmbiont) hence the name Twenty One. He is about 5ft in height and weighs about 245lb. Equipped with 241 pressure-sensors in each silicon-wrapped hand, he is gentle enough to handle soft objects like bread and strong enough to support humans as they sit up and stand.

Would it be cool to have one of this in your house to do the laundry and clean the house. 😀

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