Do you find it hard to say I love you?


Saying I love you can be difficult especially if you’d say it for the first time. Do you love someone but don’t have the guts to say it to her? Well, you could try texting her or sending her an e-mail saying how much you love her but you just couldn’t say the words to her yet. Sure you could do that but that is just so boring!

The whole courting game is not easy and you should impress if you don’t want to get ditched. Animals know this very well. In order to get a mate, they should impress the female and she would choose the male that swept her off her feet. It’s the same with women! If you want to impress her, would you just text her an “I love you” message? Not!

[amtap amazon:asin=B000RN2YVI]Buy an I love you message egg and give it to her. You’d get a clear container with an egg inside. You crack the top of the egg and you water it just like an ordinary plant and soon the love bean would appear then in time the first leaves would have I love you written on them. When it gets larger, you have to transfer it to a pot and show it to the whole world! It’s cool and it’s so sweet! This will definitely sweep her off her feet!

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Ergo- The Easiest Way to Search

Ergo makes it a lot easier for web searches on various search engines at one time. As of the moment, it can only be downloaded on Windows Vista so this is great news for all Vista users.

How does it work? You must first download Ergo and once it’s properly installed, you can just enter the keywords or phrase into the search box and click the “Go” button. You can then choose where you want Ergo search to proceed through its source selector. You can search your local computer, flickr, YouTube, google, msn, yahoo and much more. With the power of Vista, you can choose how you want to view your searches; may it be via simplified list or connected views. It’s really up to you. Choose what is convenient to you.

After getting the results of your Ergo search, the topics would be presented to you and you can just click or tap the topics that you find interesting. Topics and sub-topics are highlighted and it’s easy to navigate to these sub-topics just by double clicking on the main topic. Viewing the topic of your choice depends on you too so you either you view them by slide grids or by navigating left to right.

There are many more ways to enjoy your web searches using Ergo. Download it now and discover them yourself.

Miniature PC without fans

Kontron has developed a miniature PC without fans that is based on business card-sized COM’s. Computer-on-modules are equipped with an ARM compatible 200MHZ or 400MHZ XScale with PXA255 processor. At just 1.5 Watts of power consumption, this surely is a miniature PC with miniature energy needs.

The evaluation starter kid includes an ATX-compatible 115V or 230V power supply with a 5.7 inch color TFT display, a JILI display adoptor plus baseboard for X-board have 3 USB sockets, 1 socket for LAN, 4 sockets for UART, AC97 sound, 1 socket for compactFlash cards, and 2 pci slots for expansion cards. You can add RFID readers on your miniature PC and choose appropriate transponders for your needs.

It has a DRAM memory of 64 Mbytes and a 32 Mbyte flash memory integrated in its X-board. It has Windows CE pre-installed and it has a Linux support package in CD-ROM.

The kit also has a null-modem cable. It’s a crossed cable used to link computers via RS232 interface.

This miniature PC had been developed back in 2004 but it has a promising future ahead of it. With PC’s going thinner and smaller, it will not be long when a miniature PC will start to circulate in our society.

Sequel, the car of the future

future car

General Motors has announced that they now have a drivable version of their hydrogen fueled concept car “The Sequel”.

The Sequel, still costs a lot and way beyond mass production. GM has announced that the car will be shown to California press within the coming month but did not mention when to expect the car in your local dealership.

Hydrogen powered vehicles are being developed by most if not all of the car manufacturing companies. These eco-friendly vehicles are believed to be the future of our roads. With its pollution free technology, it helps in the preservation of our environment.

Now, whether it is hydrogen powered, gasoline, diesel or even steam powered :), you would still need to know the basic on traffic rules. You can do it on your own or in a traffic school online.

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Spy Calculator


Who would have thought a calculator can be a spy gadget? Just imagine all the possibilities, you could eavesdrop on any conversations in your office and no one would ever suspect that they are being spied on.

It looks just like any other calculator out there and having a calculator on any desk is nothing extraordinary at all so you could just spy on anybody, even your boss! Relax, no one would notice.

This spy calculator has a built-in microphone and a receiver so you could just place the naughty little calculator where you want to and bring the receiver with you, plug in the earphones and laugh your heart out with all those forbidden information that you shouldn’t be listening to.

Also, it’s a real functioning calculator so no one would truly suspect that it’s there for one purpose only; to eavesdrop on conversations.

You can receive the reception from this spy calculator up to a 50-meter range depending on conditions. But be careful, not all conversations would make you giggle. You may just hear something that you wouldn’t like. Use this at your own risk.

The calculator uses 1 9v battery and an AG13 battery while the receiver uses 1 9v battery.

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