Spy Calculator


Who would have thought a calculator can be a spy gadget? Just imagine all the possibilities, you could eavesdrop on any conversations in your office and no one would ever suspect that they are being spied on.

It looks just like any other calculator out there and having a calculator on any desk is nothing extraordinary at all so you could just spy on anybody, even your boss! Relax, no one would notice.

This spy calculator has a built-in microphone and a receiver so you could just place the naughty little calculator where you want to and bring the receiver with you, plug in the earphones and laugh your heart out with all those forbidden information that you shouldn’t be listening to.

Also, it’s a real functioning calculator so no one would truly suspect that it’s there for one purpose only; to eavesdrop on conversations.

You can receive the reception from this spy calculator up to a 50-meter range depending on conditions. But be careful, not all conversations would make you giggle. You may just hear something that you wouldn’t like. Use this at your own risk.

The calculator uses 1 9v battery and an AG13 battery while the receiver uses 1 9v battery.

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Attention to all coffee lovers! Don’t you just hate it when your coffee is too hot that you can’t quickly enjoy drinking it? When it’s too hot, you might either burn your tongue or you would blow on your coffee each time you take a sip. If you buy a coffee on the go, drinking coffee while driving or walking can be quite a challenge. And when it reaches the right temperature it would quickly lose its heat and would become too cold and bitter.

[amtap amazon:asin=B000W9NYR0] Now, there’s a better way to enjoy your coffee. Brugo is an innovative design that lets you enjoy the most vibrant coffee flavor at the perfect temperature of 150 to 170°C on every sip. With its thermodynamic technology, the coffee enters Brugo’s patented Temperature Control Chamber where it instantly adjusts the temperature of the coffee in that chamber while keeping the remaining coffee hot and aromatic. You have three options in drinking your coffee, tip & Cool will let you enjoy Brugo’s innovative technology, Sip will let you drink your coffee the ordinary way, or lock and seals the temperature and aroma of your coffee.

Brugo is also very stylish. With its stylish color and stainless steel accents makes you want to bring it with you all the time!

VC5090 Vehicle-mounted Mobile Computer


The Vc5090 is a perfect industrial computing technology on the go. With its rugged construction, you are ensured that it will satisfy your needs and demands even on the harshest conditions.

It has a high-performance wireless networking that enables on-time data transfer and collection that is important for jobs that require on-time results.

The VC5090 vehicle-mounted mobile computer can be mounted on any vehicle no matter how rough the terrain is. You can mount it on tractors, forklifts or even on your own vehicle. Despite its toughness, the VC5090 looks stylish enough that you would want to have one of your own.

The VC5090 looks like a small desktop pc with a thin monitor that would be mounted with its cradle and screwed on your vehicle to keep it sturdy. And with it is attached a small keyboard through a cable.

Its rugged construction is made with IP66-sealed aluminum housing and it comes with touch screen monitors, programmable keypad, and Intel XScale PXA270 processor with speed of 624 MHz, 64MB SDRAM/192 MB Flash or 128MB SDRAM/192 MB Flash with Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Professional operating system. It can operate at temperatures of -30°C to 50°C. It has a Bluetooth connection and wireless LAN.

Nintendo Wii – A Gaming Revolution


Ever felt the urge to really go into your TV or desktop in order to really feel inside the game instead of pushing a few buttons almost randomly? Nintendo Wii, previously planned to be named as Nintendo Revolution, has brought a whole new level to the gaming world. To know more why Nintendo Wii is named Wii instead of Revolution, be sure to read this super short article on Wii history.Nintendo Wii is a small white console which is an absolute addition to any family TV set. The remote (Wiimote) is designed with added sensors to detect motion. So, instead of using buttons to make sure your game character hit the tennis ball, you just have to use your hand motion imitating as if you are playing real tennis! Up to four Wii remotes can be used to communicate with Wii, which means, you can play multiplayer games up to 4 people at once. This is a great family game that no family would ever want to miss.[amtap amazon:asin=B0009VXBAQ]Besides all those fun stuff, you can also play Nintendo GameCube games on your Nintendo Wii! So, if you buy a Wii, it will mean that you also get a “free” GameCube! Isn’t that awesome?

You can either choose to buy this console for yourself, or get one for free! Want to get a free wii?

Barcodes in the past, RFID for the present and future

Have you noticed the store clerks having difficulty encoding the prices on those barcodes from our grocery products? It’s because these barcodes are not sensitive enough and they sometimes have to try and retry until the machine would positively encode the price of the items.

RFID is much better than barcodes. RFID or radio frequency identification cards are comprised of its two main components; the rfid readers and the rfid transponders. It works just like a barcode but you don’t need to manually encode each item as an RFID device works within a few feet distance from the scanner and you can just put all the grocery items in one place and have the items encoded all at the same time. It saves time and energy!

Reader collisions and tag collisions are some of the common problems with RFIDs. The tags are not able to respond to simultaneous queries thus it needs to have the set up done carefully to avoid such problems. Having RFIDs instead of using barcodes would greatly reduce the time customers need to spend in line for their grocery purchases! It’s a great investment and you would optimize your profit and leaving your customers all happy!

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