PF110 1.1-inch LCD Screen Digital Picture Keychain


Don’t you just love keeping memories in your bulky wallet? If only you could store more than 10 pictures there you would, right? Now you can… but not literally inside your wallet of course.

In our hi-tech world there are always hi-tech solutions to problems. Photographs are treasured moments that people want to keep with them all the time to remind them of the good old days or of the people that they love.

With PF110 1.1-inch LCD Screen Digital Picture Keychain you can store up to 56 digital photographs and it supports jpeg, BMP, PHG, and GIF formats. It has built in software that allows you to change the picture size or create new images.

With its 1.1 inch screen, you could enjoy those clear digital photographs. You could even change the setting according to your mood.

And it’s not just for storing digital photographs, but it’s still a keychain. So keep your keys safe using this ultra hi-tech keychain. Show it off to your friends and colleagues. Surely, they would want to have their own chic keychain.

You may think it is going to be a heavy keychain with the kind of feature it has but mind you, it weighs only 0.4 lbs!

This is a product of DELL so quality is guaranteed at a practical price. The item comes with its own USB cable, an AC adapter, software CD’s and battery charger.

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Deluxe Spy Sunglasses


A deluxe spy sunglass is an excellent spy toy that doesn’t just look cool but it actually works! Let your friends die in envy as you walk around with your cool sunglasses and see not just what’s in front of you but also know what’s going on “behind” you. It’s like walking with eyes on your back!

Spy movies like James Bond fascinate us with his extra cool spy gadgets. He’s the man and don’t you just envy all the gadgets he has? Don’t you just wish you could get hold of one spy gadget that would make you look cool? Well, now you can! These awesome new deluxe spy sunglasses are not only functional and cool but they are reasonably priced as well. So, don’t fret! You would surely afford having your very own deluxe spy sunglasses. And these sunglasses are not just created to be a fun spy toy but it really is a real spy gadget.

You can use this to cautiously watch someone or see if you are being followed by somebody behind you while you’re just keeping your cool and walking straight without turning around to check if you are really being followed. For just a small value, you’d get a deluxe spy sunglass with high quality metal frames stored in its own carrying case.

You never know, it could even save your life!

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It’s no ordinary pen, it’s spy pen!



Have you ever seen those movies with spies taking pictures with their spy pens? Ever thought it’s just a dream to have your very own spy gadget? Well, you’re wrong! Now, a spy pen is just an order away. This spy pen is actually a digital camera in disguise. You would think it’s just an ordinary pen but it’s not! With its 2MB of built-in memory, you could store up to 36 shots of 160 by 120 pixel images. That’s enough to meet your spying needs. You can take pictures of people and places and “evidences” without anyone’s knowledge. Plus, because of its voice function, you don’t need to keep on checking how much memory you have left. Just listen and click away!

It uses LR44 batteries, same as the ones used with watches, and its battery life could last over 500 shots. It has an auto shut-off feature thus it conserves energy so you don’t need to change batteries frequently. It has an autofocus, balance and exposure. It is serial cable supported and comes with a CD Rom driver and serial cable for downloading of images. The bottom line here is that this spy pen has all the features of a basic digital camera all disguised as a writing pen. And what’s a disguised writing pen when you can’t use it to write? This spy pen is also a REAL pen!

So, don’t you think you need to have one? It’s a cool gadget and it’s only worth $79.95 each!

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Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi 400D


Canon has always been known for their superior quality at a reasonable price. Their top ranking camera, the Canon Eos Digital Rebel XTi 400D, has 10.1 megapixels CMOS sensor, nine point auto focus, 3fps with a continuous shooting of up to 27 frame burst, awesome 2.5″ LCD monitor with a viewing angle of up to 160 degrees both vertical and horizontal, DIGIC II, improved user interface and an EOS intergrated cleaning system just to name a few of its features.

The EOS integrated cleaning system is an innovated technology that helps in reducing, repelling and removing sensor dusts and it also has a self-cleaning sensor unit that automatically shakes the sensor upon turning the camera on.

Sensor dusts appear as shadows on digital photographs and would ruin the quality of your photographs. These dusts could enter your camera during lens replacement and they are difficult to remove. You could use a blower to remove them but it’s not always effective. Using a cotton swab could also prove to be dangerous to your camera and most likely, you would have to visit the nearest Canon dealer to have the dust removed from your camera’s mirror or shutter chamber.

DIGIC II is a tiny super computer that renders color with great precision, speed and accuracy. It is both fast and power resistent and delivers a fast start-up time of just about 0.2 seconds.

With all these great features, you may think that this awesome digital camera would be quite heavy. The Canon EOS 400D is compact and lightweight. It weighs only about 510 grams.

With Canon EOS 400D, the world is your playground.

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What’s so tough about a toughbook?


Panasonic toughbook can take a lot of beating. So if you’re the outdoor type of person and you need to bring your notebook with you wherever you go then this is the perfect notebook for you! Panasonic Toughbooks are not the cheapest notebooks around but many still choose it over the rest. Its durability and awesome technology makes it stand out. 3 toughness categories Fully ruggedized, Semi ruggedized and Business ruggedized are available and it’s up to you to choose which one best suits your needs.

Panasonic toughbooks are shock and impact resistant. Half the time, notebooks are damaged because of accidental bumps and drops. No matter how expensive your notebook is, just one drop and it’s going straight to the technicians. Panasonic toughbooks have Magnesium alloy casings that are much stronger than conventional hard plastic casings. Not only that, Magnesium alloy thickeners and flexible suspensions are used to absorb the impact sustained by the toughbook. And it does not stop there! It has a humidity, dust and dirt protection too. Keypads are sealed in fully ruggedized and semi ruggedized models so no liquid could get inside. It does not have any air vents and heat is released through the Material alloy casing. Other openings such as for card slots are covered with rubber seals to protect it from dust and dirt.

It has a long battery life, the Intel Centrino Mobile Technology is already equipped, and a cutting edge display technology combined with its touch screen features and a fully-rotational screen makes this toughbook not just tough but cool as well.
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