E-Mail Enabled Wi-Fi Photo Frame

wifi photo frame
Out comes the old still photo frames and in with the new digital photo frames. Now, who could have thought there could be anything better than that? eStarling have created an e-mail enabled wifi digital photo frame. Now you don’t just have a digital photo frame with you where you could relax and enjoy those beautiful digital photographs. Now, you could send all your favorite photos via e-mail directly to your digital photo frame.

It is a great gift for relatives and friends who want to be continually updated with what you are doing and see the places you’re in. Once your eStarling Wi-Fi photo frame have been configured correctly, it will check for new e-mails every few minutes and will display the digital photographs that it had received. Now, isn’t that a great surprise?

[amtap amazon:asin=B000MUQ3NG]You can send jpeg format photos or choose a flickr photo feed. Just do a search on flickr and cut and paste the feed link into your web-based software. You can choose multiple feeds at once if you want. Enjoy viewing the Flickr photos as it rotates to your screen and if there’s a new photo posted on flickr, it will then be added to the rotating digital photographs on your digital photo screen.

If you have digital photographs on your CF or SD card that you want to view, it will just go into rotation with the other frames from your e-mail or flickr feeds. So you get to enjoy both the old most-loved digital photographs with the new e-mailed or feed photos.

Thinnest notebook from Sony!

sony vaio tz90With all the cool notebooks out there, how could you have one that would definitely make everyone envious? Remember how cellular phones were fighting their way to being the smallest phones then to being the thinnest cellular phones now? It’s the same thing with notebooks! Go for the thinnest notebook and it will rattle everyone!

Intel mobile Metro notebook is just about 0.7 inches thick which is just a quarter of an inch thicker than motorola’s razr cellular phones! At just 2 ¼

pounds, it is the lightest notebook right now! It may be thin but it has all the latest and fastest capabilities for a pc and it’s with a wireless network.

Intel and Ziba Design in Portland, Oregon will soon have this prototype into production. It’s not yet out in the market but when it will be out, it will surely be one of the most sought-after cool new gadgets!

[amtap amazon:asin=B000VCHII4]


Little is known about its specification yet as of the moment but what is now known is that it has a built-in Wifi and that it’s sleek and fashionable with all the capabilities of a regular notebook.

Sony Vaio TZ90 measures about 22.5mm or 0.89 inches. With just 0.19 inch difference, you may think it’s not much of a difference but then, Ziba Designed a very clean appearance that makes it look even thinner!

This type of notebook can even slid inside an envelope. It’s that thin!

Experience the Asus EEE PC


If you want your very own notebook but can’t find the right one that fits your budget then do check out Asus EEE PC!

It has a stylish look and it’s very handy! It weighs only 0.92 kg and is just 7 inches! Featuring the new SSD (solid-state disk) there’s no need to worry about shocks and bumps because of its reliability and shock protection.

It has a built-in Wifi 802.11 b/g that detects WiFi hotspots automatically! It has all the basic software for documents and e-mailing plus you could easily upload photos and videos and post them on youtube or share them with your friends and family through photo sharing on your messenger.

It has a built-in microphone and web camera so you could instantly connect to your friends and loved ones via Skype or any other messengers.

[amtap amazon:asin=B000ZLO3D4]It has Linux Operating system but it is windows compatible also. There’s a 512mb ddr and 1 GB ddr2 memory with solid state disk of 8 GB or 4 GB depending on the model you choose.

It uses a 4-cell battery of 5200 mAh, and could last up to 3 ½ hours of use.

You can also purchase other EEE pc accessories and extras such as a compact optical mouse, headset, adapter and an extra battery.

All these features would be perfect for college students with their thesis and home works! Plus, because it’s worth a fraction of other notebooks out there more people could finally afford to buy their very own notebook pc!

USB Mini Fridge

Do you work long hours in front of your personal computer or laptop? Don’t you just wish you could have an easy access to your favorite beverage you keep on your fridge that seems like hundreds of miles away? Well, this may bring a smile to your face!Keep yourself cool while surfing the net with the USB Mini Fridge! You just need to plug it on your PC’s USB port and it will cool 1 can of soda at a time.

You might wonder what on earth were they thinking creating a 1 can fridge? Well, it’s because you asked for it. Geeks like looking cool with hi-tech gadgets and cool stuffs for their PCs. So what can be cooler than a portable fridge? None!

It lowers down the temperature to 47 degrees Fahrenheit and maintains the temperature of your soda to offer you that refreshing drink whenever you need it.

What is its downside? You have to wait for 5 minutes before it gets to lower the temperature to 47 degrees Fahrenheit but then because of its portability and little energy use, it’s still a must have. It is a 5V USB-powered fridge so you wouldn’t need to worry about paying too much for electricity.

In addition, it looks really stylish and does look like a miniature version of a standard fridge. You open and close it the same way you would on a standard fridge! It looks so cool! You might even want to bring it with you wherever you go!

Check it out at bid4rares.com

What’s an iPhone without the phone? It’s an iPod touch!

ipod touch

iPhone took the world by storm when it was first launched. Many people waited in line during its launch just to grab an iPhone for themselves or for their loved ones. The iPhone is a great gadget but it comes at a high price.Not everybody wants the phone feature of an iPhone since most of us already have our own cellular phones. For its price, some just dream of getting an iPhone for themselves but couldn’t afford. Now, you can get yourself the iPhone without the phone with the new iPod touch!

It looks just like an iPhone and it has the multi-touch interface that made the iPhone such a big hit! You can control everything just by using your fingers.

It has a 3.5 inch widescreen display. You would surely enjoy watching videos and flicking through the options because of the iPod touch widescreen display.

With iPod touch, you could download any songs from iTunes. Search, listen and buy your favorite stores from the iTunes Wi-fi music stores. It’s quick and easy!

And best of all, it has an installed safari browser. It’s the only iPod with this feature and gives you access on the web and view websites the way they are designed to be viewed.

The iPod Touch comes with an 8 GB and 16 GB models at a fraction of the price compared to an iPhone. Now that’s what you call a bargain![amtap amazon:asin=B000JNYWBG]

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