Let’s go back to Mother Nature


With all the latest technological advancement, gadgets and gizmos are all created either with a metal or plastic. We often think that what is cool should be artificial but then many people, especially the environmentalist still wish for a better solution that will help promote global awareness to some extent and at the same time to have a reminder of what God has given us and we just take for granted.

Latest cellular phones are always aiming to be the coolest and hi-tech when it comes to its design and the shinier it gets, the better it looks. Well, in a sense it is true but wouldn’t it just be great to find one cool phone that is totally different from the rest?

Chute Smartphone uses bamboo for its shell. Bamboo is a tough material and is often used by some natives for housing so why not use it for a Smartphone? Brilliant idea, right? It combines the latest technology with the natural touch and what do you get? A great looking phone! It’s completely biodegradable and is much stronger than plastic. So, hopefully more and more latest cellular phones and other gadgets would follow this new approach and will add some touch of nature to their products.

Who said stick men are no fun?


Meet Handy and Dusty or Mic and Hans with this cool game meant to entertain both kids and kids at heart. Cube World is a fun toy that you could play and you could watch as those stick people do their tricks. It’s interactive so you could have fun with those stick people by shaking the cubes or turning it around. It reacts through motion sensors and what’s even great about it is you could stick more cubes together and all those little people interact with one another and they could move from one cube to the next.

With the Cube World Series 2, you purchase a set of two cubes. You could choose from Handy and Dusty or Mic and Hans. Handy is a handyman, dusty is a cleaner, Mic is a singer and Hans is a fitness freak. They each have different attitudes and it’s really fun to see how these little stick people interact with one another.

Cube World has many versions sprouting now, and all are compatible with one another. So, if you want to purchase from Series 1, or 3, you could add it up with your Series 2 set as well. Stack up to a total of 16 cubes and watch them play and hurt each other.

Just another toy for the big boys


Not all are willing to spend big bucks for toys. But if you’re a fanatic, spending hundreds of dollars for one great toy is nothing but ordinary. The Outer Limits XXX is one of those toys that any powerboat fanatic would surely want to have.

It is inspired by the full size powerboat and as a miniature version of it you get the top speed for its size. It has great maneuverability and is very stable so it is not at all difficult to control with your remote control.

In finding a great powerboat toy, it must have great speed and is easy to operate. What’s the use of purchasing a high speed powerboat that is impossible to control? Turning on a steep curve would simply be impossible if the powerboat’s maneuverability is not great. With Outer Limits XXX, you would surely get your money’s worth.

The Outer Limits XXX is becoming one of the favorites of many racers. Plus it looks really cool so with just its looks, you’re already a winner.

If you’re a powerboat racer, have the edge and purchase your own Outer Limits XXX.

Do you need a voice change?


Admit it, sometimes you just wish you could change the way your voice sounds so you could play tricks on people over the phone or answer the phones that are intended for you and still say that you’re not home. It’s amazing what a voice scrambler can do for you and the things you could get away from using this small yet useful and fun spy gadget.

A voice scrambler and recorder lets you record your voice and play it as is or change the way it sounds to your liking. It’s great for playing pranks on your friends or if you want to fool your parents into thinking that you are still in your room when in fact you already climbed down through your window and are already out partying with friends. Just record your voice, you could play it back with your normal voice or you could scramble it to sound totally different.

It’s a spy gadget that is perfect for disguising most especially through phone calls. It may be a spy gadget to some but for kids, it’s an awesome toy that they simply can’t get enough of. See how it amazes the little ones when they start to hear their voice transform into a scary-sounding voice!

What to bring with you when you go out exploring?


The world offers a lot of natural beauty that is so captivating that adventurous people just can’t help but explore God’s creation. Of course, if you do, you have to be prepared as anything can happen when you go far away from civilization. When you feel like going camping, make sure you bring your first-aid kit, enough good, camping gears and of course, you got to have a survival watch just in case something unplanned would happen.

Wild Planet Explorer Ops Survival Watch is a must have. It’s a 7 in 1 watch that contains a digital watch, an alarm, a magnifying lens, a compass to aid you for direction, a thermometer, a signal mirror which is really important, plus a stopwatch.

You must always bring items that you would use just in case, and this watch that has 7 important items in one, may actually save your life. The two most useful feature with this watch is the compass and signal mirror. If you’re lost, a compass can guide you to the right direction. If you see people or rescuers, the signal mirror can definitely save your life.

This gadget is perfect as a gift for those boys and girl scouts as well as for the adventurous souls who can’t get enough adventure in their life.

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