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Xbox One: Bringing the Future of Entertainment to the Present

Just when you think the Xbox 360 can’t get any better, Xbox One is unveiled. With its all-new system, all-new power, and its promised all-new experience, it’s bringing entertainment to a whole new level. It has revolutionized the way you enjoy your movies and music, the way you play games, and the way you connect with your friends on the web. And whereas most of today’s existing entertainment systems take all the mentioned features individually, the Xbox One has successfully incorporated all of these in a whole custom-tailored package designed to enhance your overall entertainment experience.

1Power Unleashed

So what makes the Xbox One different? Where does it get all of its new capabilities? Well, underneath this device, it’s a fusion of power and speed. Its combination of 8-core x86 processor and 8GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive makes the Xbox One some sort of super computer. Its HDMI pass-thru allows easy switching. From watching a movie to playing a game to chatting on Skype, you can switch and jump around from one experience to the next with ease. You can even perform two activities all at the same time—multitasking at its finest!

The Kinect Experience

Aside from its power, one interesting thing about the Xbox One is the personalization and the customized experience that it offers. It is designed to get to know you and to communicate with you in many different ways. First, it recognizes your voice. It will instantly turn on the moment you say ‘Xbox on’, and it can do a whole lot more with just the sound of your voice. It’s very responsive, very intuitive, and it can recognize even your gestures and movements (it can wake up as soon as you enter the room).

Personalization is also very easy with Xbox One. You can ‘pin’ your favorite shows, games, and practically everything you like in your homepage so that they become accessible anytime. You can also connect to your friends and to the entire Xbox Live community in an instant, and you can see what everyone’s up to at any given moment.2A Whole New Level of Gaming Experience

Although the Xbox One is designed as a whole entertainment system, it is especially geared towards serious gamers. Not only does it cater to more games that are not available in other systems, but it also offers new features that gamers will surely like. It all begins with the Advanced AI technology that makes everything more alive, more real. And, even when you sign out, you retain your presence in the game through your shadow and everything continues even when you’re not there. If you love being challenged, the Smart Match technology will surely appeal to you. It matches you against players who are of the same level and skill, players who are similar to you. And, you can celebrate wins and boast-worthy moves with the Game DVR, which allows you to recall and capture your best moves in a game, and then share them with friends.

If you’re looking for an overall entertainment experience in one compact device, it’s time you try Xbox One. If you have enjoyed the Xbox 360, Xbox One will take you to an even higher level of entertainment.

Fighting for the Throne in the Gaming Arena: Nintendo Wii U vs. Microsoft Xbox 360

The new vs. the old—this comparison might look something like that to some readers, and that is true. The Microsoft Xbox 360 has been in the gaming market for several years now. And while Nintendo has been here for long with its original Wii, its Wii U update has been launched only late last year. This would have naturally come with some excitement for many gamers, especially for Nintendo loyalists. After all, who doesn’t want something new when it comes to gaming?

Earlier this year, however, news broke that the newest Wii U was lagging in sales and was doing quite slow in the market, with the Xbox 360 selling more than thrice the number of units compared to the U. Is it simply the 360’s age that’s contributing to its credibility, or is there something lacking in the Wii U? In this article, we’ll compare these two gaming machines and see where they excel (and fail) when it comes to the gaming aspects that affect users the most.


Nintendo has incorporated some pretty interesting features in its new Wii U. Its tablet-style controller is a unique feature that cannot be found in other gaming machines. This touch-screen controller provides a means of viewing the game from another angle, which is a source of interest and fun among many gamers. The said device can also be used as a remote, and this add-on makes it possible to switch from game to TV shows in an instant. If you’re playing on the TV and someone wants to watch a TV show, you can easily switch to the gamepad for your game and let that person watch his show—you can do this without even getting out of your seat.

That last feature can also be found in the Xbox 360, and it offers different ways of connecting to your HDTV. And even though the 360 doesn’t have the touch screen feature of the Wii U, its Kinect console allows for playing games without the need for your controller. It comes with a sensor that allows you to ‘actually’ play—a unique adventure and gaming experience that 360 followers have come to love.


Game choices is another area in which the Nintendo Wii U is lacking. It has new games in store for Nintendo players, but many of these games have long been in the Xbox 360. You can attribute this to the 360’s long standing in the market and to the online support that Microsoft offers for Xbox

users. Its Xbox Live service boasts not only of a huge collection of games (which can be played online) but also of movies, music, and TV programs. These make the Xbox 360 not just a game machine but also a complete entertainment center. The Nintendo Wii U doesn’t have this much range, although its games are varied enough as to cater to different gaming personalities and interests. That, however, does not seem to suffice for many gamers, and Nintendo has some more work to do to meet gamers’ demands.

As of now, Nintendo has announced the release of updates to the Wii U sometime this month. Updates will include the Virtual Console, which will allow users to play classic games in the U, as well as background download to address downloading issues in the present U (and enable downloading even while you’re playing and even with the Wii U off).

For now, though, these are just plans, so we can’t make updated actual comparisons until the new upgrades are released. If you’re a hard-core gamer, the Microsoft Xbox 360 will be a great choice. However, if you are a Nintendo fan and you want the latest in the gaming industry, you can get the Nintendo Wii U or wait for the upgrades Nintendo is planning before buying. You will find a wide range of options when you check out Geekie Store.

Nintendo Wii U – Next Generation Gaming is Coming

“Wii U Marry Me” was the general sigh of Nintendo fan boys when they saw

Nintendo’s upcoming video game console and official successor to Wii. Featuring outstanding game titles, next generation HD graphics, and a new innovative controller, the new Wii U is truly the next step in interactive gaming. The new Nintendo console runs on an IBM Power-based multi-core processor and AMD Radeon-based High Definition graphics processing unit. It comes with internal flash memory for storage and it also supports SD memory cards and external USB storage, and Wii U and Wii optical media. For networking, Wii U uses wireless IEEE 802.11b/g/n connection and USB 2.0 ports via Wii LAN Adapters. The new Wii U is quite compact at 1.8 inches high, 10.5 inches deep and 6.8 inches long making it a perfect addition to any home entertainment system.

What sets the Wii U apart from other video game consoles is its Wii U GamePad controller. This controller is a mix of a tablet, buttons, analog sticks, D-Pad, and 6.2 inches LCD touchscreen. The touchscreen provides alternate in-game functionality, additional views, and even a feature to play some games directly on the screen. Additional features of the Wii U include motion control, front facing camera, mic, stereo speakers, sensor par, and support for Near Field Communication technology.

This eight generation video game console is expected to be released on fourth quarter of this year and it already has some pretty interesting game titles lined up upon release including Ninja Gaiden 3, Darksiders II, Assassin’s Creed III, ZombiU, Rayman Legends, and Batman Arkham City Armored Edition.

You can also check out more Wii accessories here.

H-Racer 2.0 FCJJ-23 Hydrogen Powered Infrared Remote Control Car with Hydrogen Fuel Station

buy cheap” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ />Is your child showing an exceptional interest in car technology? If yes, then why not show your support for this special interest of his by giving him this H-Racer 2.0 FCJJ-23 Hydrogen Powered Infrared Remote Control Car with Hydrogen Fuel Station? This is actually a science kit that will help him learn more about using renewable energy in cars. You see, these days, renewable energy is being used in cars. So to spare you from the hassle of explaining to your kids what this technology is about, you might as well give this H-Racer 2.0 FCJJ-23 Hydrogen Car science kit as gadget gift.

Unlike the typical toy car, this H-racer 2.0 FCJJ-23 Hydrogen Car is made in such a way that you can see the inner mechanics of the car. Yes, it’s transparent, and it includes a hydrogen fueling station that features two different ways to convert water into fuel: one is by using DC power (two AA batteries which are not included in the package) and two is by solar power (with a solar panel included). So, what your child will basically need is water and the sun, so this hydrogen car can start creating all the power it needs to race down the track.

Complete list of features and specs:

– Sleek futuristic design
– Transparent body parts allow you to see the inner workings
– IR controlled steering
– Glowing lights for added style
– Fast driving speeds
– Build and drive your own model car of the future
– Allows you to easily create your own fuel using the Fuel Station, Sun light and some distilled water
– Includes everything you need to get started!
– For ages 12+
– Car Dimensions: 2 x 3 x 6.5-inches (H x W

x L, approximant)
– Hydrogen Fueling Station Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.75 x 2.75-inches (H x W x L, approximately)

Get the H-Racer 2.0 FCJJ-23 Hydrogen Powered Infrared Remote Control Car with Hydrogen Fuel Station here today!

PlayStation Move Racing Wheel

Any racing game is dumbed down if you play it with gamepads, keyboards, joysticks, and heaven’s forbid – nunchucks. No matter how beautiful Gran Turismo 5, MotorStorm Apocalypse, DiRT 3, or Shift 2: Unleashed looks or plays on your Playstation 3, nothing beats playing the game behind the wheels. Enter the new PlayStation Move Racing Wheel – a PS3 move wand attachment with double the

accuracy of DualShock controllers. This device looks like a racing wheel with vertical handlebar grips that expand into a full handlebar controller (yes, just like the Batman’s Batarang) if you’re playing motorcycle racing games. The right grip even features a twist-throttle to enhance your MotoGP experience. The racing wheel will also feature DualShock motors, each located on the opposite handle for added rumble effects that would complement the Move’s existing rumble features. The Playstation Move controller is placed in the middle of the racing wheel for precise motion tracking and handling of your chosen vehicle.

According to Sony, here are the summary of features and highlights of the upcoming Playstation Move Racing Wheel:

• Precise motion tracking for responsive handling of your vehicle
• An innovative folding grip design will allow you to switch between racing a sports bike to a high-octane supercar
• Feel the intense vibration feedback of your vehicle as you trade paint with the competition
• Experience realistic gameplay action using the race car paddle shifters and motorcycle twist throttle controls

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