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Enjoy Single Wheel Fun with The Motorized Monocycle

This weird-looking monocycle is a must-try for those who want to experience real single wheel fun. At first look, you might mistaken it for a giant wheel. Well, it does look like one, only that it’s motorized, and you have to sit in the middle of tha

t thing if you want to ride it. Quite unusual,

as you might say, since you’re used to sitting above the wheel when riding a motorcycle, bicycle, or unicycle, but this one will sure be worth a try to transport you around at speeds up to 25 MPH.

The Monocycle is actually not new in the motorcycle industry since back in the late 19th century, monocycle pedal-powered monowheels were introduced. The only difference with that one is that it’s pedal powered while the Monocycle is motorized, making this newer version a lot more convenient and easy to use. It’s basically powered by a 31cc, four-stroke 1 1/2-hp engine, which may not be enough to take you to your destination at high speeds but it’s enough to get you around as long as the distance isn’t too far. It’s also very economical, so instead of taking your car around the neighborhood, might as well use this.

Weird as this may seem, this Monocycle is something that you sure don’t want to miss if you want to ride something that’s not only unique but also economical. You can try and get The Motorized Monocycle here.

Flying Rocket Alarm Clock – Buzzing Sound Out, Simulated Countdown In

Is your little boy having a hard time waking up in the morning? Why don’t you let him use that old alarm clock – the buzzing sound will sure send him off his bed? Oh, you tried it already but to no avail? Jeez, you’ve got one heavy sleeper there! Hmmm maybe he wants an alarm that’s far from the ordinary. Buzzing sound is kind of typical, and for young kids like yours, this won’t do the trick. So, why not try something unique instead? Here, check out the Flying Rocket Alarm Clock!

The moment your little one sees this, his eyes will sure beam with brightness because he’ll think that this is not an alarm clock but a toy. And does he show special interest in rocket ships and other space related stuff? If yes, then that’s great! This geek gadget will sure work more than just an alarm clock, but a cool room display that will remind of his rocket ship interest from time to time.

Anyway, going back to the alarm clock feature of this product, basically instead of a buzzing sound, this one gives off simulated countdown that’s loud enough to wake up your sleeping kiddo. But if your little boy doesn’t budge, then the ringing sound that goes with the rocket’s take off will

sure do the trick.

So, what do you think about this? And hey, this only requires 4 AAA batteries to work and available in two color combination – black/white and red/white. Get the Flying Rocket Alarm Clock here now!

Have Lucid Dreams with Remee

Want to see only the dreams that you want to see? Or how about controlling your dreams as to how you want them to be? At some point in our lives, we’ve already tried manipulating our dreams but to no avail – like when we had that horrible dream when someone tried to chase us but we felt ourselves trapped in a place with no means of any escape. Or perhaps, when we felt we’re having a nightmare, and we struggled to move just to get out of that frightening dream. Now, we can counter all these with lucid dreams. Don’t know how to achieve them? Well, here’s a gadget to help you on that – it’s called Remee.

The innovative Remee is a sleep mask designed to help you achieve lucid dreams that can be controlled. At first look, this appears to be just like the viagra in the uk typical mask, but it’s actually not as it features six red LED lights that are visible to the brain but do not disturb your sleep. Once you enter REM or rapid eye movement sleep, which is the deep stage of sleep, the lights turn on to indicate that you are starting to dream. This, then, gives you the opportunity to dream only what you want to see and dismiss what you don’t. However, you have to note that while this geek gadget could help you have lucid dreams, at times it will not do so.

Do you think it’s worth the try? If not, well you can always look at other eye mask options here, feel free to check them out.

Koubachi – A Simple and Handy Way to Keep your Plants Alive

Having a hard time keeping your plant alive? Well, maybe you fail to water it regularly. Or perhaps it’s not getting the right amount of light and ambient temperature it needs. Water, light, and temperature are the three most important elements that your plant need to survive. Absence or lack of any of these three may shorten its life. So, what’s your main reason why you sometimes forget to provide them with the three? Is it because you don’t know how much and order propecia when they need them? Then, take the guesswork out of caring for your plants – use only the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor.

Designed as a simple and handy tool to keep your plants alive, the Koubachi is highly technological as it is equipped with best in-class soil moisture sensor known to provide unmatched accurate measurements. This basically works like your plant’s roots, measuring the exact amount of water that is available to it. Now, once it sensed that your plant is running out of water, you’ll be notified in an instant, so you can water it as soon as you can. Thanks to its built-in wi-fi feature, communication between the sensor and the Koubachi server is made more convenient, thus you know what your plant needs in real-time. And what else does your plant need? Oh, temperature and light! No problem as this product also monitors temperature and provides light advice and alerts. This way you always know if the condition is too warm or too cold for your plant or if it is not in the right location.

Check out more plant sensor products here.

Rokstand v1 Desktop Stand – Rock Solid Design and Engineering

When it comes to engineering, complexity, and artistry, other iPhone or iPad desktop holder can’t hold a candle to the new Rokstand v1 Desktop Stand. A seemingly empty boast until you see and place one on your desktop. This mechanical art piece is not just all about form, every bit of it is as functional as it gets for the perfect mechanical harmony. Furthermore, each Rokstand v1 Desktop Stand is manually assembled and checked to ensure the quality of its build then marked with a unique serial number as a proof of authenticity from Rokform.

Rokstand v1 Desktop Stand Features:

• Six available angle of adjustment
• Precise high-speed bearing and cam adjustment
• CNC machined from Billet 6061 T-6 Aluminum
• Anodized finish for added durability and cleaner look
• Comes with soft rubber contact surface rings for softer feel and secure non-slip performance
• Can hold iPhone or iPad in landscape or portrait orientation
• With integrated speaker ports
• Supports standard iPhone 4 charger plug and can charge phone while in portrait
• Comes in a variety of colors

Why did Rokform spend time building such a seemingly simple engineering marvel and paid so much attention to the details of its design, it’s just a stand right? Well, you can only assume that the answer is because – they can.

You can get Rokstand iPhone Desktop Stand here!

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