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SkyIPCam1500W Wireless N Night Vision Network Camera

Thinking about adding some form of security to your home? Then, why not install an IP camera? This is actually one of the most common forms of security these days, whether for residential or commercial use. But, you shouldn’t just use any type of IP camera for your home. It must be something that’s made more reliable – something like the SkyIPCam1500W Wireless N Night Vision Network Camera.

Designed to support real-time high-quality video and audio over the Internet, this SkyIPCam1500W will sure provide you with the daytime and nighttime home monitoring that you need. Yes, it’s perfect not just for daytime vision but also for nighttime use as it comes with infrared LED and auto light sensor control. So if you’re out of the house mostly at night, this is just the perfect device to help you keep an eye on what’s going on inside your property.

Other features:

* Comes with an easy setup button (WPS™ Compatible) for easy connection to existing wireless network
* Offers remote access from Web browser over Internet for live video/audio surveillance
* With free app “SkyIPCam” allows iPhone, iPad and Android phone users to monitor the camera anywhere, anytime over the Internet
* Boasts motion Detection with 2 Adjustable Windows
* Comes with built-in omni-directional microphone for real-time audio monitoring
* Supports FTP uploading and email alerts

So, why choose any other IP camera if this one offers more than just daytime vision? Equip your home with the SkyIPCam1500W Wireless N Night Vision Network Camera today!

4GB Black Arrow USB Flash Digital Voice Recorder Pen with MP3 Function 502

When you buy a pen, it is generally for the purpose of writing. But if you want to have an extraordinary pen that does more than just plain writing, consider the new Black Arrow USB Flash Digital Voice Recorder Pen with MP3 Function 502. This latest and high quality gadget is not just a pen that lets you write easily but also a covert digital voice recorder that can record important information. This is more comfortable and easier to use recorder than common devices. With its 4GB built-in flash memory card, you can record a large amount of information. The pen-like recorder also uses a rechargeable li-ion battery so recording can be done for longer time. The battery can play up to 8 hours.

What’s more about this Black Arrow USB Flash Digital Voice Recorder Pen is that it also acts as an MP3 player. When you are not using it as a recorder, you can use its MP3 player capability that can play different popular music formats like MP3, WMA, ASF, and WAV. This lets you enjoy your songs anywhere you go buy just simply bringing a pen. The cartridge is replaceable so you never have to worry when the pen’s cartridge gets drained. Package includes the 4GB Black Arrow USB Flash Digital Voice Recorder Pen with MP3 Function 502, driver CD, headphone, and charger.

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iZON Remote Room Monitor – You Just Have to be There Always

If you are living alone in your home, apartment, or pad, then all the more you need to have some sort of monitoring system, so you can keep an eye on it even when you are at work or on a trip. Anyone can be a victim of theft these days, and so you should not be too confident that your place will be 100% safe when you leave it especially for days or weeks. Yes, door locks may do the trick of securing your place, but you have to add more forms of security if you really want to know everything that’s going on inside it when you are not around. Enter the iZon Remote Room Monitor.

This nifty gadget from iZon is a video camera that allows you to view and listen to any activity in your home, pad, or apartment from anywhere in the world on your mobile gadgets such as your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. All you need to do is download the free Stem:Connect App and set up iZon in 10 minutes or less. This App basically walks you through the process of creating a free Stem account, joining your local wireless network, and activating iZon, so you can start using the iZon Remote Room Monitor to stream live video and audio. Now, even if you are on the go, whether at work or on a vacation, you can keep an eye on your treasured nest with so much convenience.

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Nothing Does It Better than the Cross Spy Camera

Capturing videos while you are on the go can be a very challenging task. Not only you have to bring a really portable camcorder but also you have to make sure that it’s just within your reach so you can record any scene in an instant. Well, some people can be pretty good in doing both, but there are a few who find it rather inconvenient to bring a camcorder anywhere and hold it at all times to be prepared for out-of-the-blue scenes. If you belong to the latter, then you better have this really cool spy gadget called Cross Spy Camera.

Recording videos can be as easy as counting 1-2-3 and nothing does it better than this Cross Spy Camera. Actually, this is a combination of a spy camera and camcorder because it is hidden inside a mini crucifix. Yes, who would have thought that you’ve got a camcorder inside that necklace of yours? No one, right? So if you want convenience, then this ingenious and fashionable gadget is the thing to go. It basically allows you to capture people in the act or even use it as a blogging device, while staying fashionable at the same time. And since it boasts 4GB of internal memory, you’ll never run out of space for all your recording and spying schemes.

So don’t let that old bulky camcorder of yours take the joy out of recording great videos when you are on the go. Equip yourself with the Cross Spy Camera now!

Chat Stick – The Chat Investigator

Dead chat logs tell no tales – so you think. Meet the new Paraben Chat Stick, a thumb drive detective that’s after cold chat logs on an entire computer. The chat stick scans and captures conversation logs from popular messengers including Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Trillian, Skype, Hello, and Miranda and presents them in a comprehensive and easy to read format. This USB drive basically allows you to view what your children or employees are talking about over the web. Why monitor Instant Messengers? When they became an integral communication platform at home and in the office, they added threats and risks. Employees can unknowingly spread virus by sharing files through IM, release confidential company information, or simply waste company money by spending idle time chatting on IMs. Using the Chat Stick to scan and review computers can inform you of possible threats and abuses concerning the use of Instant Messengers. At home, your children can be an easy prey for online predators or your partner may be seeing someone online behind your back. The Chat Stick can help you monitor what’s going on around your home even you’re not around.

The Paraben Chat Stick comes with a chat analysis application included in the USB thumb drive and you can easily take it or use it anywhere or on any computer. Since it can easily sniff out chat logs from other computer files, it works fast no matter the size of the hard drive. Most IM conversation logs are small so transferring and processing them on the Chat Stick is quick and easy. Finally, the Chat Stick comes in an ordinary and inconspicuous disguise; chances are no one would even suspect that this thumb drive can snoop out their deepest IM secrets.

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