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Show What's Really on Your Mind with the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears

Celebrating your birthday soon? Planning to throw a really cool birthday party? Want your birthday this year to be as memorable as possible? If you answer yes to all these, then why not throw a birthday costume party instead? Yes, this will be totall

y fun, and everyone will sure enjoy wearing colorful costumes to make your event truly special. Worried that this won’t turn out well? No need because it’s so easy to find really cool costumes these days. As a matter of fact, even as simple as these Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears can turn any party from dull to totally exhilarating.

The Necomimi is a cool headpiece that you can use during costume parties. But apart from being cute, it is also a fun party attraction that will sure catch the eyes of everyone inside the room. Why? Because it’s the only headpiece that can show what’s really on your mind. Impossible? It’s possible by using only the most advanced brainwave technology. And the Necomimi sure uses this – the cat ears usually wiggle to show how interested or relaxed the wearer is in real-time. It’s super cute! Simply concentrate and the cat ears will stand. Now try to relax a bit and the ears will go down, just like what happen to real cat’s ears when they’re relaxed.

This product is super cool, isn’t it? But it’s perfect not just for birthdays

and parties, it’s great for cosplay too! Can’t wait to use one? Then, get the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears here.

Magic Geek Ball – It Has All the Answers

Are you where to buy cialis now familiar with the Magic 8 Ball? It’s the toy people used for fortune-telling or seeking advice. Perhaps, you’ve used one already. So, what questions did you ask from it? Was it about your career? Romance? Or was it about anything that concerned your family? The Magic Geek Ball actually works like the Magic 8 Ball, only that this is made more fun for all – especially for older geeks who already know what abbreviations like RTFM mean.

Do you know what RTFM mean? How about LOL and FTW? Oh, and are you familiar with 404 error? All these and 5 more funny answers will be revealed to you once you ask the Magic Geek Ball series of yes/no questions. Why not start with, “Am I going to have a fun time with this geek ball?” Now, shake it, turn it over, and hold the viewing window level to know the answer. No, it’s not a typical YES answer that you’ll get! The result is something that only a true geek will be able to understand.


* A ball that’s fluent in geek speak and is ready to answer all your yes/no questions.
* Can provide 20 different answers to have a peak at your future.
* Especially made for older geeks (aka. those who already know what things like RTFM mean).
* Measures 3.75″ diameter.

Having this geek ball is really more fun than you think. Want to have one for yourself or want to give one as gadget gift? Order the Magic Geek Ball right here.

Create your Own Garden Fountain Show with Color Changing Sprinkler

Watering the lawn and garden has long been a boring and mundane task since the time mankind decided to grow their food right out of their own backyard and learned irrigation. Hundreds of years into the future – water sprinklers were developed and watering the lawn evolved into a boring spectacle (except when dogs go crazy over them). Then somebody decided to change all that with the new color-changing sprinkler! This device turns your regular sprinkler to a lively water show using its hydraulic power with LED light inside a clear dome. The sprinkler uses the water pressure to light up and produce 6 different colors from magenta, blue, green, violet, yellow and orange without the need for wires, batteries, or any electrical installation.

The color-changing sprinkler can fit on any standard garden hose and has a clear cleanable dome with O-ring at the base. It includes a quick connect hose connector and 6-inch plastic ground stake. What’s more interesting about this sprinkler is that it is very much eco-friendly since it is safe to use on delicate plants and consumes 30% less water compared to regular sprinkler. The gentle spray of the sprinkler can reach up to 6-1/2 feet high and 19-1/2 feet diameter.

Create your own garden fountain show especially after-dark. Get the color changing sprinkler at GeekieStore!

Add a Ring to your Workstation with CubiCaller Cubicle Doorbell

Accessorize your office cubicle and impress your colleagues like a boss with the new Cubicle Doorbell. This device allows your officemates or your boss to “ring” you up instead of just knocking or casually calling your name – why bother? Well, for starters it would give them the impression that you’re such a hard worker and you’re so focus on your work that you would need to take a cool doorbell to get your attention. Second, if you’re always too focused on your work, chances are ambient noises like knocking or casual conversation are almost inexistent and are usually ignored – putting a doorbell on the Cubicle Doorbell on your work station sends a message that you’re not really a snob and just one ring away from a friendly conversation.

The new Cubicle Doorbell is also a way for visitors to announce their presence at your station, it’s not exactly a court herald but it’s the closest thing you can have for one. You can even personalize and choose from its selection of 12 sounds and alerts. These include bird tweets, cat meows, duck quacks, car and fog horns, laser fire, door knocks, band instruments, and the more classic ding-dong, ring, and chimes.

The Cubicle Doorbell has a push button on front, selector button and 3-position switch on bottom, and a battery compartment at the back. It can be attached using a Velcro-like hook and loop adhesive at the backside. This doorbell is packed with the needed 2 AAA batteries.

More types of doorbell can be found at GeekieStore.

Kids’ Portable Communication Tools with the World’s Smallest Walkie Talkie Minis

The World’s Smallest Walkie Talkie Minis just redefined the meaning of small talk. But no matter how small, you can never underestimate the power or importance of communication especially if the hands holding these world’s smallest walkie talkies will be your child’s.

The use of Walkie Talkies or also labeled as handheld transceiver, has been widely applied in many areas including commercial industry, marine communication, public safety, military, outdoor recreation, personal use and even as a toy. These Walkie Talkies are very useful communication tools with each other and usually feature an antenna. They are also compact and include buttons and other settings. These devices are made from different materials like rubber or plastic and may also be offered in a variety of colors.

Now, with the World’s Smallest Walkie Talkie Minis, these communication devices are even made portable making them perfect for your kid’s little hands. Every Walkie Talkie Mini just measures 2 x 1.5 inches with 4-inch extendable antenna for easy grip and usage. The Walkie Talkie Minis are also lighter for extreme portability so they are always easy to bring. They feature push-to-talk (PTT) and morse code functions that can work up to 150 ft. away. The batteries are already included in the package of two Walkie Talkie Minis so your kids can easily start enjoying them. Since these devices contain small parts, these are not suitable for children under 3 years but are recommended for 6 years old and above.

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