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Karotz – The First Ever Smart Rabbit Compatible with Social Networks

More and more people today are into social networks as they find these the most convenient way to stay connected to friends and family all over the globe. That is why, if you will notice, social networks may now be accessed not just through PC or laptop but also through smartphones and high-end TVs. Yes, social networks are so in demand, and so it won’t be a surprise if sooner or later, these can be easily accessed via robots too. But wait, who said sooner or later? Because as of today, social networks have conquered the robotic world too. Ever heard about Karotz? It’s the first ever smart rabbit compatible with social networks! And just recently, Violet launched Karotz in the US.

Designed especially for Facebook, Karotz is actually the third generation of the multi-purpose, internet-connected rabbits that first launched in 2005 as Nabaztag. At first look, you might think that it’s nothing but a replica of the typical rabbit. But mind you, this is far beyond that – it basically transforms daily life by providing a link to friends, family, and the world. And today, this is made even more exciting with its Facebook compatibility feature, allowing users to connect to their Facebook account and other social media such as Twitter. So, how cool is that? But wait, there’s more! With this hardware device, your friends can take control of your new companion and communicate with you by sending messages and audio files, use its built-in webcam to see what it sees, and send a poke or move Karotz’ ears and change the color of its light.

Karotz is really a cutesy! For sure, you can’t wait to grab your own!

Smell the Internet with Olly

Smell-o-vision might still be far from horizon but smell-o-internet is here. Now, you can take a whiff of the internet with the new Olly. Instead of relying on visual and audio cues, you can now also receive olfactory alerts with the help of this device. Olly, the web connected smelly robot delivers pings from the internet as a smell. It produces scent every time there is a tweet, a like on the Instagram and even when you are running late on your appointment. You can fill any smell you like in its removable part at the back allowing you to fill and assign corresponding scent to every Internet service. You can put essential oils, your favorite perfume, a drop of gin, a slice of fruit and anything you think suits the specific service. Olly is stackable thus it changes smell when you connect one to Twitter and another to your calendar event.

Not just delivering smell, Olly is also fully customizable so you can make the robot look the way you want to. You can change its form or alter the dot pattern in front. The 3D models are fully editable and are free, letting you print Olly out. In addition, all its parts, code and instructions are totally accessible and open.

Get to know more about Olly here.

Neato XV-12 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Makes Cleaning a Breeze

Convenience – that’s one of the many benefits that the modern technology brings. And we are all so fortunate to experience such convenience because we get to do many other tasks unlike if we don’t have any modern equipment at all. Let’s take our house chores for example. In the past, people did everything manually, from washing dishes to clothes and from cleaning the house to keeping things organized. But now, everything can be done conveniently, yes including house cleaning! If you haven’t experienced this convenience yet, then it’s high time you equip your home with home cleaning gadgets such as this Neato XV-12 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Designed as a real vacuum, the XV-12 features a powerful suction that leaves your floors and carpet squeaky clean and free from all forms of dirt and dust. Thanks to its beater brush, now you need not mop the floor or wash the carpet clean just to restore its like-new condition. This gadget also features methodical cleaning, whereas it uses a smart path planning and a back-and-forth pattern to make sure that your carpets and floors are thoroughly cleaned. And if you’re worried about your furniture and walls being scratched all over by this gadget, well you don’t have to because this is built with scuff-free navigation. The XV-12’s laser-mapping technology constantly updates its internal map so it can detect objects that are more than four inches in height and instead of bumping on them, it simply cleans around them. Cool, right?

The benefits of this robot vacuum cleaner could actually go on and on. But if you want to see other related products, you can check out these automatic vacuum cleaner options at Geekie Store.

Clean Your Desk with Robo Vacuum Cleaner

Getting your own R2D2 might still be light years far far away but – you can still always settle with the new Robo Vacuum. It is not exactly rocket science or Star Wars material yet it is much better than a plain old vacuum cleaner. This vacuum gadget gets rid of dirt, dust, and left over chips and crumbs on your desktop. Lacking self propulsion technology and sophisticated AI, this cute Robo Vacuum needs to be led and moved around the desk for it to do its job. Just push the power button on the top of its head and it will actually do the table cleaning for you. To get rid of the collected dirt, simply twist off the top and dispose the contents.

The Robo Vacuum is powered by two separately sold AA batteries. Given the power source, it’s not exactly a Turbo Vacuum 2000 but it can effectively pick up small debris and food crumbs on the table. To help keep its cost down at an affordable price of $14.95, it uses durable plastic instead of advanced Gundanium alloy phase shift armor. No need to worry about adding desktop clutter or bring this robot with you, it merely measures 4 x 4 inches and weighs 8.8 ounces. It is available in red, black, or gray color.

Get to know Robo Vacuum cleaner here!

3-in-1 All Terrain Robot Will Make an Exceptional Gift

Technological advances have paved a way for toys that are more exciting and more enjoyable than ever. And one of these toys is the 3-in-1 All Terrain Robot. This multi-function tracked mobile robotic kit is perfect if you’re looking for the right gift not just for kids but for people who deserve to have fun. The said robot amazingly careens around your house, into the garden, and almost anywhere you want. It comes complete with six caterpillar tracks that provide it with great grip and maneuverability.

This kit lets you use different track modules. You can transform your robot into three marvelous variations: the forklift, rover, and gripper. When in forklift mode, the All Terrain Robot (ATR) acts like a mini industrial fork lift that can lift up to 100 g in weight; in rover mode, its tank-like treads allow it to go through any type of surface; and when in gripper mode, the robot’s strong arms grab and pull objects into its grasp so it can lift anything up to 100g and bring it to your desired location. With the wired controller, you can command the robot to make a move forward and backward. You can also ask it to turn, grip and lift.

Considered as a rugged beast, the 3 in 1 All Terrain Robot Kit is definitely something that will be enjoyed by kids and teenagers and will be loved even by adults. So if there’s a special occasion coming up, you better click here and purchase the 3 in 1 All Terrain Robot Kit now and surprise your loved one!