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GPS Navigation For Dummies FD-220 – Navigation Made Easy

Have you ever experienced driving without knowing the exact direction of your desired destination? Well, this usually occurs if you are invited somewhere for the first time or if you need to see someone in an area, which is rather new to you. So how do you go about this? Do you check a map online prior to going, or do you resort to asking strangers along the way to give you the direction? Both the former and the latter can provide you with a solution, but they can be very convenient unlike if you resort to using this FD-220 GPS Navigation for Dummies.

This GPS for Dummies is the perfect device you need to give you direction to places whenever you travel. It features a 3.5″ color LCD touch screen and comes with a GPS Nav software that’s easy to use for newbie like you. No more worries whether you’re taking the right direction or not as this one will serve as your guide, giving you the confidence that you’ll never get lost on the road again.

Summary of features:

* For Dummies GPS Nav™ software with easy-to-use user interface for simplifying the GPS navigation operation!
* 3.5″ color LCD touch screen
* Digital mapping with browsing capability
* Visual and voice turn-by-turn navigation speaking street names (TTS)!
* Pre-loaded map of the contiguous U.S.
* Navigation with multiple stops routing
* Quick route re-calculation when off-route
* Millions of points of interests (POI)
* Included digital music & video player and digital picture viewer
* Easy-to-understand For Dummies™ user’s manual

Order the GPS Navigation for Dummies FD-220 here.

YD-V36 Cup Holder Speakerphone – Lets You Talk on the Phone Freely While Driving

Talking on the phone while driving is a NO-NO, that is if you don’t have any earphones or headsets. But what if you are expecting a very important client call and you happen to be in the middle of the highway driving? Would you take the risk and answer that call, or would you rather pull over so that you can talk on the phone freely? Perhaps, you’d rather choose the latter but that’s far from convenient either. So, what to do then? Equip your ride with this device called YD-V36 Cup Holder Speakerphone!

Designed to make wireless communication more convenient, the YD-V36 is basically a speakerphone that’s made with a cup holder mount, so you can conveniently fit it in your vehicle’s cup holder and talk freely on the phone even while driving. As you already know, some car accidents may be attributed to texting or calling while driving. So, to prevent this from happening to you, you must at all times be cautious when driving and be free from any form of distraction such as holding the phone while making or taking calls.

For people who constantly communicate on the phone either for work or business, this gadget accessory is definitely a must have when driving.

Features and Specs:

* Great sound quality
* Fits into any vehicle cup holder
* Speed dial options
* Easy to use
* Bluetooth® Spec.: v2.1 + EDR
* Weight: 98g
* Profiles Support: Headset & Handsfree
* Talk Time: 8 Hours
* Standby Time: 100 Hours
* Operating Range: 10 Meters

Check out the YD-V36 Cup Holder Speakerphone here now!

Cobra Joyride for Android – Road Safety and Convenience with a Push of Button

Cobra Command in their efforts to gather funding for their quest for global domination showcased their prized Cobra JoyRide for Android at the 2012 International CES. Just kidding Joes. Cobra Electronics (not the evil organization), is one of the foremost designers and suppliers of innovative communication and navigation products in the consumer electronics industry. They are mostly known in GMRS/FRS two-way radio, radar detector, and Citizens Band radio industries – and now in smart mobile and automotive accessories as well. Their latest product is the new the Cobra Joyride for Android – a programmable in-car micro-USB charger for smartphones. It works with a free Cobra app to configure the way an Android phone behaves when the user is on the road. This device automatically customizes a smartphone for safety and convenience so that the driver won’t have to manually adjust their phone’s settings every time they hit the street.

The Joyride makes the most of the new Android Open Accessory framework and Cobra’s proprietary application so that the user can start phone calls, activate voice command, share important road and traffic information, play music, launch GPS navigation, and cycle through other car-specific applications with just a push of a button. Its simple and well-thought interface design also enables user to manage their automatic SMS reply, power settings, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It can even save the car’s parked location on the Android phone so that the driver can easily find their way to their parking slot using a digital map of their phone’s compass.

Now, how many car chargers can do that? That’s Cobra Joyride – nothing comes close.

MXE-5300 Series – In-vehicle Online Connectivity and Security Solution

Humans may still be far off from mounting an Enhanced Defense Intelligence or an astromech droid on their transports but they are advanced and more than capable enough to install powerful multi-purpose computers like the new ADLINK MXE-5300 to their vehicles. This 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 powered Fanless Embedded Computer allows access to online multimedia content like music, movies, and interactive webpages when installed on private, fleet, bus, or mass transit vehicles. The demand for multimedia content and wireless access point on public transport or during travels makes the MXE-5300 series an attractive add-on to any vehicle.

Furthermore, with increasing issues about security and safety, the need for vehicle monitoring systems is likewise growing. Taking advantage of ADLINK MXE-5300’s Ethernet networks and Wi-Fi capabilities, online security solutions can be integrated on buses or trains to improve traveler safety, fleet control, and traffic overseeing, particularly when combined with the real-time automotive positioning made available by the GPS system that delivers important information to dispatchers, drivers, and system managers. Sporting an advanced hardware design and unobtrusive circuitry structure, the ADLINK Matrix line of embedded computers provides a robust system ideal for critical working conditions. The Matrix series delivers flexible I/O application technologies into minimal dimensions and layout, to fulfill the requirements of different applications.

Summary of features and specifications:
• Choice of Intel i7-2710QE (Quad-Core), i5-2510E, or i3-2330E Processor + Intel QM67 processor
• Rugged design capable of up to -20 to 70 degrees Celsius fanless operation using industrial SSD
• Support for Intel Active Management Technology 7.0
• Multiple wireless connectivity options: WCDMA, 802.11 a/b/g/n, BT3.0, and AGPS
• 1 onboard SATA-III (6.0 Gb/s) port, 2 USB 3.0 ports and 4 USB 2.0 ports, and 4 DI and 4 DO with 1.5KV isolation
• 1 external CFast socket, 2 onboard PCI-E Mini card sockets
• 2 software-programmable RS-232/422/485 (COM1 and 2), 2 RS-232 (COM3 and 4)
• 4 Gigabit Ethernet (2 Realtek 8111C + 1 Intel 82574IT + 1 Intel 82579LM PHY w/ Teaming Support)

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Drive and Talk Safely with VBC-001-BLK – SAEM Bluetooth Car Kit

Mobile phones and road safety don’t go along well in a car and can be quite dangerous. Using a handled mobile phone while driving can be your one way ticket to a – well, traffic violation ticket. It can also introduce you to some legal terms that you wouldn’t want on your rap sheet like bodily injury liability, common negligence, damages, hit and run, and misdemeanor. It doesn’t mean though that you can’t talk and drive though, with practical hands free Bluetooth handsets like the new sun visor-mounted SAEM Bluetooth Car Kit, you can safely talk over the phone while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

Aside from the obvious safety benefits of a handsfree kit, the Veho SAEM Bluetooth handsfree car kit offers more. It features a one of a kind Automated Motion Sensor (AMS) technology that can extend the battery’s life up to two years in sleep mode. AMS works by sensing human movement or presence in a car, it can automatically power down when it detects that the car is empty. This energy saving feature extends the battery life up to 32 hours talk time, 66 days standby, and 2 years in sleep mode. Furthermore, the SAEM can be paired with up to 8 devices with 2 devices working on the same time. Its proximity pairing feature can automatically connect Bluetooth-enabled devices when they enter the 10 meter radius coverage of the Veho SAEM. Another great feature of the Bluetooth handsfree kit is its automatic volume control that ensures crystal clear calls and reduces unwanted ambient noises like wind and echo.

Get the SAEM Bluetooth Car Kit here.