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Contour+ Takes the Hills

Contour, formerly known as VholdR, is one of  the market leader in hands-free video cameras and adventure storytelling tools that enable modern day explorers to tell their stories of action, adventure and travel through video. It recently released a new product called Contour+.

Contour+ is the new sports camera which become an instant favorite to sports enthusiasts. A highly configurable camera, some were surprised on how they can easily pick it up and use it. At first glance, one would think it just looks like the previous models, the brushed-aluminum chassis appears to be similar with ContourHD. However, a closer inspection has a different story. Its specifications basically include the GPS location technology, smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth, and an established rail-mounting system. So far, the Contour+ has the largest lens of any PoV camera and has a 270 degree rotating lens to allowing a number of ways to position the camera. 

This sounds better every second. But what makes it stand out above the rest? The Contour+ enables live streaming via HDMI, it creates a direct connectivity to film shoots, contests and sports events coverage. This capability allows camera men and athletes to witness the event in live action. However, the video part is only half of it. The Contour+ is equipped with an external 2.5mm microphone jack to improve your sound quality options.

Packed with Contour’s tricks and added with the latest technology, this handy gadget proves to be one of the best sports camera ever released in the market yet.

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Joystick-It for iPhone and iPad!

A lot of Apple product accessories have been mass-produced ever since the launching of the company’s popular tablet, the iPad and its succeeding model, the iPad2. These accessories mostly cover a lot of the iPad’s care and its maintenance like screen guards and protectors.

However, there are also accessories for those who love playing games in their iPads. Let’s face it, playing games on a touchscreen display can be frustrating sometimes. You’re madly tapping at your screen but not hitting the virtual buttons that left you seething when the game is over. Fortunately for game enthusiasts, the American online retailer for computer lovers ThinkGeek developed a gamer-friendly accessory called the Joystick-It. Last January, ThinkGeek have released the Joystick-It for iPad.

Joystick-It is literally a physical joystick made for virtual games for the iPad. It is a stick-on accessory made out of aluminum. It works with almost all game applications with touchscreen controls installed in your device. Don’t worry about the scratches because this little toy has a soft suction cup with foam assuring you that it will not harm your screen. It is lightweight and removable. This is made to enhance the player’s gaming precision and very easy to use.

Although the release back in January made a big hit, some people still complained for the Joystick-It to have a tinier version for the iPhone. ThinkGeek has answered the complaints by releasing the Joystick-It for iPhone. With the same functions, the only difference between the first Joystick-It and the latest one is the size and the weight. Joystick-It for iPhone is lighter and a tad smaller than the first one.

While the Joystick-It was made and developed for Apple products, it would work on any touchscreen devices so Windows and Android-based users can avail one of these as well. The stocks are limited so better get one for yourself today!

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Travel Gadget Accessories

Are you always in motion? Traveling or too bored to just settle in one place? Moving from one location to another might make a lot of people lost in touch with you. If you want to always stay connected and keep yourself up-to-date to the world wide web,  you must have some amazing portable gadgets in your backpack. For example, your gadgets may consist of a laptop or notebook, an mp3 player, a tablet or a smartphone.

All of the consumer electronics may or may not be compatible with a place’s electric outlet and other switches. Fortunately, there are gadget accessories that can help you as you jump from one place to another. The following gadget accessories are portable and durable at the same time. These are designed and made especially for regular travelers.

Swiss Army Knife USB : Multi-purpose knife

One of the safest flash drives by Victorinox, this knife does not only cuts but has other uses that perks its size. Portable in nature, Swiss Army Knife USB Flash Drives are designed to be a useful tool in terms of technology and outdoor activities.  The flash drive has a 32GB capacity for your important files and presentations. It has a fingerprint or password encryption for security.  Its Presentation Master application has an integrated Bluetooth remote control for your laptop. A laser pointer is also added to its features.

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Universal Adapter

One can never be sure if there are available adapters in a hotel or other places to stay so it would be a wise move if one has a universal adapter. Adapter power outlets may vary from continents. Buy one that suits your to-go places.

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Mophie Juice Pack: iPhone Case and Rechargeable Battery in One

We all depend on our cell phones and the duration of its battery life is a must! The Mophie Juice Pack is technically an air case but with a smart battery concealed inside the two-tone metallic case for iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4. This thin and lightweight iPhone accessory can double your battery life if used correctly and simultaneously protects your phone from the daily wear and tear.

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Earthmate: Your map in a gadget

This is a must-have gadget for nature lovers especially those who are fond of mountain climbing and trekking. This portable GPS gadget from DeLorme offers a satellite text messaging services in locations with no cell phone coverage.  It has a SPOT satellite communicator which will become very useful once your network is out of reach.

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ChicBuds : Your speaker in a key chain

What more can a geek want when his boom box is attached to his keys? Talk about being travel-size! ChicBuds speaker are small and portable enough to go right into your pocket. There are several models available for you to choose from. This is a music accessory that can be attached to your mp3 players or iPods.

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Animal Tabletop Vacuum Cleaners

Our tabletop is either the most messy or organized place in our office or our home. This is where we put our important papers and then some.


Almost every documentary work we do is done here. Sometimes when we get long hours of working, the tabletops serve as the dining table as well. Now, are you tired of the crumbs stuck in your tables? What if you find a gadget that would serve as your cleaner without even realizing it is one? Kind of hard to figure it out right?

Today, I present to you the animal tabletop vacuum cleaners. The mini vacuum cleaner is cordless and is designed specifically to vacuum your crumbs or dirt in your tabletop or visible parts of your computer like the keyboards, USB ports and speakers. However, these cleaners won’t be simply known as it is. It will be more than that because the cleaners are designed with very cute animals. The animal tabletop vacuum  cleaners are apparently good table pieces in which they can be a decoration.  As usual it is mini  is a bit small in size which makes it pocket handy. It has a non-slip in the sides so that it won’t come off from your fingertips. Fun right? It is very effective in collecting dusts in small places and fallen crumbs from your food.

It is designed in three animals namely the horse, the pig and the cow. This gadget is perfect for those who work around their tabletops nonstop!

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Camerang: The Flying Camera!

Fond of aerial shots? How about being able to play with the camera while taking shots? Sound impossible? Not a problem. Taking your own self portraits in the air is becoming easy as it gets!

The new Camerang digital camera is invented by the ingenuity of Sanyong Park. It is created to be used for aerial photography. The concept of this camera is being a toy and a gadget at the same time. It  was designed to be original and unique. This is perfect for spontaneous outdoor activities. Most people would get one like this just out of curiosity but the designer said this was an innovation in their craft. The term “camerang” came from the root word camera and boomerang. Shaped like the latter, this gadget is thrown in the air and then hoped to return to the sender’s hand without scratches. The camera takes shots while it is spinning in the air and it doesn’t wait for the subjects to pose. Camerang is simply the refined version of other aerial cameras with a fun touch.

Worried that the shots are blurred? Worry no more! The Camerang has a centralized lens that rotates and focuses its subjects while in the air. The camera was designed to capture photos using a bird’s view. If you are more of a quirky type of person and you want some fun self-portrait shots, this one’s for you!  The Camerang camera is similar to a flying stick camera but shaped differently. Drilling a sense of abandonment, the Camerang camera has given another option of fun ways to enjoy photography and save memories.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find where to purchase it but soon as its available in the market, I will certainly have one of this!