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D-Link PowerLine AV 500 Adapter – Get Connected, Get Wired!

Are you one of those who ultimately got fed up with your Wi-Fi and wireless network’s

limited range and effective reach, and then smartly switched to D-Link’s PowerLine network? If yes, then here’s another good reason why you made the right choice – the new D-Link PowerLine AV 500 Adapter. Using this networking gadget, you can further expand your PowerLine network anywhere in your home or office, and that even includes areas impervious to Wi-Fi signals. The PowerLine AV 500 also allows you to setup an up to 500 Mbps high-speed cheap viagra networking connection when and where you need it the most.

For those who are unfamiliar with D-Link PowerLine, it’s a wired networking solution that utilizes the existing electrical wiring and power outlet of any home or building to transfer digital data between an Internet gateway device and network-enabled devices like HDTVs, Boxee Box, Blu-Ray Players, NAS,

and game consoles. It instantly transforms any standard power outlet into an Ethernet port for “wall to wall” connection without having to layout new cables, drill walls, and configure wireless routers. The PowerLine AV 500 Adapter is the perfect networking add-on for homes, small offices, and even multi-storied buildings where thick concrete walls and multiple floors can drastically reduce a router’s wireless range and create unnecessary “dead spots”. Furthermore, since the PowerLine Network smartly transmits data and electricity thru wires in different frequencies, it doesn’t suffer from ambient and electrical interference, and carries s no risk of electrical shorting.

Setting up the D-Link PowerLine AV 500 Adapter is no-brainer, simply plug it into a power outlet, press the “Simple Connect” button, and voila! You’re now connected. For a secure connection, the adapter uses a 128-bit AES data security encryption that can be enabled with a simple push of a button. Finally, if you’re one of those who want to be future-ready, know that this PoweLine adapter is IPV6 certified.

To know more about the IPv6, here are some IPv6 articles on the Allstream blog.

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Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA3500

If you want to turn your home into a buzzing metropolis of interconnected networks a

nd devices you can never go wrong with Linksys EA3500 N750 Dual-Band Gigabit USB Smart Wi-Fi Router by Cisco. This device features Wireless-N and Gigabit Ethernet technologies for high speed wireless transfer rates that range up to 300 Mbps and wired transfer rate that is 10 times faster than your conventional Ethernet. With the right hardware and configuration, the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA3500 can instantly turn any home information highway into a smart information super expressway pretty much like the German autobahn. This device also features dual-band technology for maximum throughput and reduced network interference, and a USB port for connecting storage devices and printers.

The new Linksys EA3500 N750 Dual-Band Gigabit USB Smart Wi-Fi Router is the perfect device for creating a home network optimized for video and audio streaming, gaming, and file sharing. With its high-speed wireless and wired connections, you can experience faster HD and 3D video streaming to

any supported home theater or portable devices, lag-free gaming, and smoother video conferencing and file downloads.

Another great feature of the Linksys EA3500 Smart Router is its bundled Cisco Connect Cloud technology that enables user to securely access their home network anytime and anywhere. This new technology offers a collection of free apps for your router that will change the way you use and interact with your home network.

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Support Your Child's Developing Mind with VINCI Tab II M Tablet

The early stages of childhood are critical to the child’s cognitive and social develo

pment that’s why this is the best time to help and support your child in these aspects. One brilliant way to engage, empower and educate children is by using fun learning tools by VINCI Tab. Lighter than the 7-inch VINCI Tab model, the VINCI Tab II M features a 5-inch touch screen that is fully compatible with VINCI Curriculum apps. All these three VINCI early learning tools, VINCI Curriculum, VINCI Tab and VINCI Tab II M, provide effective step-by-step learning structure which covers 43 learning subjects and 3 assessment levels that cover all 6 major aspects of a child’s developing mind such as Thinking Skills, Emotional & Social Skills, Language & Literacy, Math & Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, and Science.

The VINCI Tab II M is the only Android tablet that supports VINCI Curriculum apps offering multi-language settings like English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. The tablet can be networked to up to 4 VINCI Tab M tablets so learning can be

shared to friends and family. Playing games, building puzzles, and social interaction would definitely be a fun learning experience. Aside from functioning as a learning tool, the VINCI Tab II M can be used as a regular tablet for high quality internet browsing, emails, social networking, HD videos, music playback, and also graphic acceleration to support 3D gaming. All of these through the tablet’s Wi-Fi and parent log-in features. The VINCI Diary shows the Age Norm reference guide to help parents track and monitor the child’s progress and also to create your child’s personal story book.

For safety and durability, the tablet comes with patented safety handles. It also has 8GB capacity while the Curriculum SD card packages are sold separately.

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Genius Lychas HS-G550 Gaming Headset

Competitive gaming is all about the survival of the fittest – and in a world whe

re everybody is out to be the apex predator, it won’t hurt to arm yourself with that extra sting to keep you ahead. And if it’s an extra sting you want, Genius has something really special for you in the audio department. The new Genius Lychas HS0G550 is a unique gaming headset that features foldable ear cups for portability and a separate volume control for each ear cup for highly personalized audio tuning. Each of its ear cups can be folded using the three joints across the head band. Only one of the cups is attached to the cable for reduced clutter and non-restraining feel. Both the ear cups and the headband are cushioned for maximum comfort even during extended gaming hours. The Lychas HS0G550 also has a microphone suspended on a hinged arm.

The Genius Lychas HS0G550 is powered by 50 mm neodymium drivers with 102 dB sensitivity, 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, and 32 ohm impedance. The drivers are powerful enough to reproduce the gaming audio in clearest quality, from the faintest footsteps to the most powerful explosions – the Lychas HS0G550 is sure to keep you immersed and focused on your game. On the other hand, the integrated mic on the Lychas is omni-directional and comes with 56 dB sensitivity, 100 Hz to 10 kHz frequency response, and 2.2 kiloohm impedance. Other features include 2.5-meter long cable, and analog 3.5 mm output jacks. The Lychas HS0G550 is currently priced at $49.99.

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Samsung WB100 Digital Camera

When it comes to electronics, Samsung is among that provide cutting-edge technologies.

Their latest digital camera, the Samsung WB100, can attest to this. On the screen alone, Samsung managed to incorporate a 3-inch 460,000-dot HVGA AMOLED screen in the WB100 which is currently the digital camera that uses the largest AMOLED screen. This consumes less power and delivers higher contrast

ratio of 10,000:1 which displays more vibrant colors, darker black level and brighter display that can be easily viewed even under direct sunlight. The images can also be viewed at any angle while maintaining the same color range. The Samsung WB100 is a 12 megapixel compact digital camera that has a 24mm extra-wide angle Schneider lens.

When it comes to functionalities, Samsung WB100 has plenty. It has Optical and Digital Image Stabilization for more stability and blur-free images, aperture and shutter priorities, full manual shooting, including Samsung’s exclusive Advanced Picture Mode that allows users to fine-tune color tones. There are also automatic controls like the Smart Auto mode that instantly selects the best scene mode when shooting images as well as other technologies like Blink and Face Detection, Smile Shot, and Beauty Shot to make capturing images much better and easier. Additionally, the Smart Album makes searching of photos, videos, or voice memos quicker and easier by narrowing searches based on specific criteria such as by date or week the photo was taken, overall color tone, or file types.

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