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Optoma PK102 Pico Pocket Projector with Pico Tri-Fold Screen – A new level of viewing pleasure

Stories as well as information are not that truthful without any evidences at all. People often might need some captivating and enlightening facts to help them grasp the ideas in their minds clearly. Every story has its characters and pictures and information’s has its own facts. That is why it is very important to make people understand these things.

Viewing experiences require the best gadget. Why would you risk your happiness on a gadget that does not meet your viewing standards? This is special. Gaming sessions as well as movie viewing parties await your command.

The introduction of the Optoma PK102 Pico Pocket Projector with Pico Tri-Fold Screen pleases every video fanatic out there. Not only does it provide the best viewing experience, but it also delivers a new way of being drawn in to each story or fantasy. With his gadget, a more complete imagination and gaining level of various images and information can be enhanced by each viewer.

The Optoma PK102 Pico Pocket Projector with Pico Tri-Fold Screen features:

  • 4GB memory
  • VGA cable adapter for PC and Laptops
  • 16.5 inch diagonal screen or 60 inch wide screen
  • Portable
  • Battery operated
  • LED lights
  • USB flash drive compatible

So don’t wait and hang out with an ill equipped video gadget. Try the new Optoma PK102 Pico Pocket Projector with Pico Tri-Fold Screen for a more pleasurable viewing experience. Enjoy and have fun in the comfort of your homes, or try to have a film viewing in your own backyard. Check out more details and for the price of this cool gadget here.

The Motorola Clutch i475 – Plain and Simple


The Motorola Clutch i475 appeals to be one great mobile phone today but still lacks new features for it still only offers the basic features phone users have in a mobile phone. It is not yet a multimedia sensation but maybe in time things will change for the better of the Motorola Clutch i475. However, this mobile phone is still compact and a tough nut to crack thanks to its design. It has a comfortable feel to it which bears rubber textures for a fresher look. Conveniently pleasing, the Motorola Clutch i475’s key feature might be it threaded messaging which offers its users a glimpse back.

The Motorola Clutch i475 specifications are:

  • 2 inch display
  • Bubble like texture
  • Compatible with Boost Mobile Network
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless Web Browser
  • Push to Talk feature
  • User friendly keyboard
  • User friendly design
  • VGA camera
  • Voice recorder
  • Micro USB port
  • Speakerphone


Good Features: The Motorola Clutch i475 is very attractive that compliments it well a mobile phone. This gadget offers its users top of the line call quality service as well as a good functional keyboard. Perfect design and function, the best combination you would want in a mobile phone.

Bad Features: This mobile phone does not support video functions with its camera. The Motorola Clutch i475 offers basic functions and features like its forerunners before it. It also does not support IMAP4 email and exchange server syncing.


Though this gadget lacks new feature, it still can be one great mobile phone for those plain and simple consumers out there. For more information about the Motorola Clutch i475, check it out here.


The Nike+ SportWatch GPS – The Best Trainer Yet

If you are and athlete or an exercise workaholic, then this gadget will fit you and serve you best. Designed for the athlete and exercise junkie, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS gives you the ability to track down you performance and provides you with ample notifications on whether to enhance or lessen your exercise to attain your best form. Its designs make your feel comfortable rather than be displeased. It allows for you to have a great run, relaxing exercise and rigid workout without having any problems at all with its design. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is a user friendly gadget that is great to watch out for in the global market once released. Who else need a trainer with this gadget available to help you with all your exercise needs? Like any friend, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS displays encouraging messages that tell you what a great job you have done.

Advantages: This amazing SportWatch GPS comes branded with Nike designs. This gadget provides both workout and training tips that comprises for a well-balanced source of exercise. The watch connects immediately to the internet for easy use and functionality.

Disadvantage: A great name comes also with a great price. That is why this gadget is said to be more expensive at times. Some Web components installed in this gadget cannot sometimes pick up internet connectivity in other places. Accuracy and performance sometimes is a hindrance with this gadget.

Feel free, run like the wind and get rid of those excess fats with the all new Nike+ SportWatch GPS gadget. Check out what this gadget has to offer you here.


The Carrera 1:14 RC SUV – Fast and Furious Experience

Are you fast and furious? Are you an action junkie with a hobby of RC toys? This might just be one toy that could make your year a blast. Nothing beats fun and recreation better than just having a blast outdoors or even indoors with your family. Something to keep your mind going and feeling the blood rush through your veins playing this new RC toy really takes the laziness away.

The Carrera 1:14 RC SUV w/ Water Gun is rated as one of the best buy deals today. Unlike any other RC out there, this new toy burns out rubber with a combination of water power. Need to attack something or someone? This is surely the weapon you would likely do the job right. Jump heights, climbs steep slopes and even throw dirt around is possible with this toy. Having said that, the water gun squirts a rush of water up to 6 meters which will definitely soak your target wet is also possible with the Carrera RC SUV.

Some features of the Carrera 1:14 RC SUV:

  • Water gun shooter
  • Remote control, easy use joystick
  • Xenon RC headlights
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Quick turn gear box
  • Fast charging (1hour)
  • 40 minute running time

What’s not to love about this great toy? The Carrera RC SUV is definitely one thing that could make you or your child very happy with. So purchase one now, enjoy and have a blast. Visit Amazon and check out more details about the Carrera RC SUC with water gun.


WM09 Watch Phone – Thrifty Indeed

A punch line and a catchy name are not necessary to define what this gadget is and what it can do. Looking at it, you will find the meaning deep inside it. Appreciate it and know its worth that makes it both top of the line and very amazing indeed.

This gadget revolutionizes our use of modern phones as well as watches. With complete specifications and features, this gadget overrates the competitions leaving it far behind.  Not only does it have everything we need in a phone and watch, but it absolutely lives to its goal performing very well to please its owner. Just like a true friend, you will surely be happy with this new experience at hand.

Economical as it might seem, this gadget is best also for communicating even for something small like a watch. Alternately it also provides artistic time alert like a modern watch should. Twist it and turn it, it still works and performs the greatest way it should.

The WM09 Watch Phone features:

  • Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, WAP, GPRS,SMS, MMS
  • Modern phone
  • Modern watch
  • Games
  • E- book reader
  • Digital voice recording feature
  • Camera and video camera
  • Image viewer
  • Flash drive capability
  • MP3 and MP4 compatibility
  • GSM Quad band
  • Touch screen
  • World clock
  • Plug and play song feature

Not yet satisfied? Buy one now and experience for yourself the magnificence of the WM09 Watch Phone. Follow your fingers for it might lead you to this gadget while on the hunt for new technology in the global market. Check out the latest on the WM09 Watch Phone at .