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HP Swing: Paving the Way to the New Generation of Computer Games

Computer games seem to be all the hype these days. And if you’re one hardcore gamer, chances are you spend a lot of time in front of your desktop, pressing buttons and punching on your computer keyboard while you’re transported in a virtual world—only to end up with your eyes strained and your back aching after hours of gaming. Not much of a healthy lifestyle, don’t you think? Well, if you really can’t be away from your computer too long but you still desire to live a healthy life, you might want to take a look at the newest from Hewlett Packard: the HP Swing.

The Swing is a motion sensing gaming console that’s offered together with HP Pavilion Desktop PCs. Contrary to the traditional games found on your desktop (which only involve buttons, keys, and your computer mouse), the Swing will give you the opportunity to engage in real life action games such as basketball, tennis, and bowling. When you play using this console, you’ll have to imitate the movements on the game real-life. At the end of every gaming session, you can expect to feel sweaty, out of breath, and with real energy—not the usual lethargic feeling you’ll get after fighting monsters on your desktop by merely clicking on keyboard shortcuts.

The HP Swing comes with seven life-like games for you to enjoy. It also comes with a graphic card for great visuals on your HP monitor. The only limitation is the fact that the said console is only offered in India today (hopefully, it will be available internationally soon). If you want a similar gaming experience but you’re in another country, you can find a motion controller at Amazon.

Mint: Your Smart Cleaning Buddy

No time for cleaning your home with your busy schedule? Mint can help you! Mint Cleaner is a certain kind of a robotic cleaner powered by a rechargeable battery. Once you activate it, it can clean your flooring on its own in less than an hour—all while you do your other tasks!

So how does Mint function? Mint works with certain cleaning cloths like Swifter and Pledge cloths, as well as reusable microfiber cloths designed specially for the said cleaning machine. Just place the cloth on the robot’s cleaning pad, press the start button, and Mint begins to clean! It can clean all types of floor with hard surface like vinyl, wood, and tile. It can also perform both dry and wet cleaning, handling dirt as simple as dust and as stubborn as floor stains. And if you think that’s all there is to Mint, you’ll be surprised at how smart this cleaner is! It’s powered by NorthStar Navigation system, enabling it to map the area that it’s cleaning. So, it’s able to cover all the areas on your floor and it doesn’t clean only one specific area over and over again.

Mint has a simple and compact design, measuring 3 inches tall and 10 inches wide. Therefore, it’s ideal for cleaning even tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. Mint’s battery can last up to 3 hours when dry cleaning, and 2 hours when wet cleaning. It’s available this summer only in the US, with the possibility of international offering next year.

Mint is your perfect cleaning buddy at home or in your office! While waiting for its availability, you can try another automatic floor cleaner at Amazon!

Cruz Tablets and eReaders: Style and Utility You Can Afford

Sure you like to browse your eBooks and videos with flare. Problem is, this often means a huge sum of money to be able to afford the newest eReaders and tablets in the market. But, now that the new Cruz line-up of tablets and eReaders is finally here, that’s bound to change.

The new Cruz Tablet and Cruz Reader bring utility and style within everybody’s reach. Priced at a little less than $300 and $200, respectively, these new devices feature the latest technologies. Both come with a 7-inch colored capacitive touch screen, USB connectivity, and a slot for SB card. What’s more is that they feature an 800 MHz processor, the Google Android 2.1 operating system, and Flash 10.1. How’s that for feature-packed and techie?

And when it comes to style, you’ll surely love the sleekness of these Cruz gadgets. The tablet comes with a docking station, enabling the device to double as a digital photo frame. It’s also equipped with a 2-megapixel webcam in front. There will also be a Cruz market app store available, from which you can download all your needed ebooks and other software.

Although not yet in the market, word has it that the Cruz tablets and eReaders will reach stores sometime in July. While waiting for their availability, you may want to take a look at other Velocity Micro devices: office and home work stations, notebooks, and even home theater entertainment systems. You can find a Velocity Micro desktop at Amazon, together with other products from the said company.

The Ulysse Nardin Chairman Hybrid Smart Phone: Luxury and Environmental Friendliness in One

The green hype is on! Wherever you look, you’ll see the tag “green” in almost any product. There are organic food, all-natural cosmetics, and even green supermarket bags. At the higher end of the spectrum, you’ll find solar panel roofs and hybrid vehicles. And the latest? How about a hybrid cellular phone? Yup, it has come to reality now! Ulysse Nardin has teamed up with SCI innovations to bring you the Ulysse Nardin Chairman Luxury Hybrid Smart Phone—the fusion of luxury and environmental friendliness in a small and sleek techie gadget.

The Chairman brings you combined audio-video and gaming capabilities, plus a whole 32 GB of internal memory. It’s preloaded with Google Maps and Google Talk, Gmail, YouTube, and even Facebook, so you’re hundred percent connected wherever you go. It also features a Smartphone platform supported by Freescale i.MX processor. Other than these, you may want to check out the following features:

  • Google Android mobile phone platform
  • Qualcomm 3G GSM/WCDMA – 2G Bands 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G Bands 900/2100MHz
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • 3.2” capacitive touch screen (full on screen QWERTY keyboard and physical numeric keys)
  • Ulysse Nardin Rotor (kinetic power system) and Crown (for winding the phone)

The kinetic power system can produce additional energy for the Chairman phone, so you save on power. And for the ultimate in exclusivity, it’s equipped with fingerprint reader for owner identification. The Ulysse Nardin Chairman Luxury Hybrid Smart Phone is not yet out in the market and is only available by preorder at this point. There’s no final word on the price yet, although some reports say it’s ranging from $12,800 to $49,500.

Henge Docks: Flexibility, Utility, and Style at Their Finest

Sure, your laptop offers a lot of flexibility, especially if you’re someone who constantly travels and someone who needs to bring some paper works with you while you’re away. But, you can’t deny the fact that it still can’t beat your old desktop at home when it comes to certain features—like the monitor and the keyboard. And if you need to constantly print and scan documents from your laptop, plugging and unplugging all the connections can be quite of a hassle, not to say a mess with all the entangled cables involved. So how do you deal? Check out the newest docking station created by Henge Docks!

This Henge Docks innovation combines the flexibility of a laptop, the optimum utility of a desktop, and the sleekness of a stylish techie gadget that will surely arouse the interest of visitors in your home or office. This dock is designed for the Apple line-up of computers, the newest following the PowerBook Duo series of the ‘90s. This Henge Docks station comes in different models, each for a specific model of MacBook.

Each dock features customs USBs, audio cables, and Ethernet, among others. Setting up the Henge Docks is also easy with no modifications needed in your MacBook’s original settings. The system is so flexible that it allows you to choose only the connections that you need when setting up your laptop. It can even be used to integrate your MacBook to your home theater system for the ultimate audio and video experience.

You can look out for the release of the Henge Docks very soon. And if you have other Apple models like an Ipad, you can also find an Ipad dock at Amazon.