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Extend the Signal of Your Cellphone


Isn’t it rather annoying to go to a location where you can barely make a phone call? Do you just hate it when you only have 1-bar signal and you’ll be staying there for days? When there are lots of barriers in an area, especially when you’re surrounded with really tall trees or perhaps surrounded with hills, no matter how strong the reception is you would still eventually get a poor signal. Not to worry, because now you could buy a Cellphone Signal Extender. Just mount the external antenna to an appropriate location where you find the strongest signal and follow the instructions of installation then plug the base booster box then you’re ready to go. Even if it’s just a 1-bar signal, it’s enough for the Cellphone Signal Extender to give you full bars for up to 2,500 square feet area. That’s enough for one house.


It’s easy to use and this could really be a handy tool especially when your residence just doesn’t seem to have good signal and you end up missing some important phone calls and SMS. Just make sure you place the external antenna on a location where you have at least 1-bar signal so it would have something to extend.

Have the need for speed?



Race car fanatics out there, just take a look at this. The new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560/4 will definitely make your mouth water. It’s ultra sleek look, which Lamborghini is so famous for, is now back with an extra power.


The new 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo can go up to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds with a 560 horsepower engine. It’s just the kind of car everyone dreams about but simply just can’t have. Its exterior is just gorgeous. Its white paint makes it more elegant looking plus its alloy wheels just accentuate its matt white exterior that makes it look oh so fine!


This Italian car is a great surprise and is becoming the favorite of many race car fans all over the world. It has been unveiled in Geneva and will be arriving in the United States by August of 2008. It had its North American debut in New York and the crowd was bedazzled by its great beauty. It’s the type of car that would definitely get girls following you around. Everybody wants to have a feel of what it’s like to ride such an awesome-looking sports car. It’s a bugger that you can’t afford it. It comes with a painful price tag of $222,000+!

No Green thumb?

on-counter.jpgDo you dream of having a vegetable garden but you always end up killing the plants? Gardening really is a talent and if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s better if you’d just leave that to the master gardeners and just have yourself an Aerogarden Garden Kit.  It uses an Aeroponics technology so your plants grow much quicker and without the use of soil.  You just need to spend 5 minutes a month in taking care of your plants as it needs an occasional watering and two nutrient tablets a month. It’s small and is perfect for your kitchen. Get fresh tomatoes, chili peppers, petunias or basil each time by having your very own Aerogarden Garden Kit.


Why enjoy those greens only when it’s in season? With Aerogarden Garden Kit, it’s always the season 365 days a year! It gives everything that the plant needs the whole year round and whenever it needs a little tending, it will alert you whenever there’s a need for water and some nutrient tablets.


Enjoy having your very own little garden right in your kitchen. It looks great and the vegetables taste great too! Who said only people with green thumbs can grow the perfect vegetables?

Get a dose of Runescape


Runescape has been played by millions of young gamers and even adults who just love to play these types of games. With Runescape, you can train your character however you like. You could be a mage, a melee or a ranger. You could even be a baker, a runecrafter, a smith, or a woodcutter. The world of Runescape is like a totally new world where you could meet other people and fight battles and win gold.

Lots of players who joined this game never want to stop playing it as it’s very addictive. It feels like you are your character and that you’re actually going through all those battles and meeting these people personally. It’s really fun and entertaining and it’s never boring.

It’s a great way to meet new friends and to battle it out with each other by fighting in the Runescape woods. Fighting other people’s characters is really fun but you have to train hard to have a strong character that could take on other people’s trained characters as well.

Enjoy more of Runescape by being a paid member. Free playing is fun and it’s free but if you are really addicted to Runescape, paying little money for a much larger world is definitely worth it!

Analog TV signals no more

The United States Congress has already laid out plans to have the transition from analog television broadcasting to digital television a.k.a. DTV.

By February 17, 2009 all broadcasters are required to convert their programming to digital television programming thus analog signals will completely be gone. This is a great idea, considering that our televisions are not getting better and better, but some low-tech televisions would need to have some upgrading in order to enjoy this new technology. These equipments are just easy to install to analog televisions. You just need to purchase a converter box that would then convert the digital broadcasting signal to a format that your low-tech television could display. But, of course, if you could afford to buy a digital television then you’d get to enjoy viewing digitalized channels even more.

Don’t be confused about DTV and HDTV as both don’t necessarily mean the same thing. HDTVs can display digital broadcasting but DTVs can’t display the highest quality of the digital broadcasting that only the HDTV could.

So whether or not you have an HDTV or a DTV, by February 17 of 2009 you would fully enjoy a much better TV signal like never before. Prepare yourself for this, you still have months to prepare!