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Leica V-Lux 20

Leica is a German brand known to be in the line of precision optics. They have Leica Microsystems that produce microscopes, Leica Geosystems that produce geosurvey equipments, and Leica AG that produce cameras and camera peripherals. The first camera that they produced was in 1913 and was a compact type where it seeks to address the need for landscape photography particularly during mountain trips. To this day, Leica continues to deliver quality that can match even the most demanding professionals.

The V-Lux 20 isn’t your mainstream camera that provides performance within most budgets. It has been designed with quality, precision, and the German passion in making such electronic masterpiece. It has a large focal range of 25-300mm that can fit the different needs of still photography and even video shoots. The camera has a 14.5 megapixel sensor which combined with the 25-300mm focal length produce perfect images even at different aspect ratios of 4:3, 3:2 or 16:9.

Amateur and experienced photographers can enjoy the performance of the V-Lux 20. There are a lot of automated functions that can greatly benefit amateurs since they don’t have to deal with adjusting values such as the aperture and shutter speed. For more versed users, a manual shooting mode is available where you can play with different options to create the effect that you want. This camera can also shoot 720p movies with a simple press of a button. This means that you can immediately take videos whenever the moment strikes and not miss anything by moving the dial such as on other cameras.

As an exclusive bonus, the Leica V-Lux 20 comes complete with a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 that can take care all of your post processing needs.

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Tok Took Power Plug Concept

If you own lots of gadgets it means that you also have lots of chargers. Like you will have a charger for your iPod, your digital camera, your phone, add in the power cords for your laptop, TV, media tank, etc. You must have gotten some serious plugging and unplugging business since you also want to save energy from those little LED indicators that add up over long periods of time.

However, the problem with plugging and especially with unplugging is the constant battle with the power outlet. Like for some people who are afraid of the sparks when plugging an appliance, they do this two finger approach and distance themselves away from the outlet. When unplugging, you do the wiggle-wiggle technique until the plug gets loose. You definitely wish that plugging and unplugging is as easy as pushing a button. Now, a power plug concept has risen that would totally remove the fear of plugging and the complication of unplugging.

The Tok Took borrows the concept of a retractable pen. You just have to click once to let the pen tip out and click again to retract it. Same to this plug. You just have to “click” it in once to let out the metal prongs and just press again to retract them. No need for wiggling actions as the plug comes out easily. There is also a docking system where you just have to click whenever you want to plug or unplug your device.

Flexi PC Pet ID Tag

Dog tags are great way of knowing which pet is owned by whom in case one gets lost. We all love our pets and just the thought of them being gone gives us the chills already. The laser engraved tag that you put has some vital information that would be necessary such as the owner’s phone number and the dog’s name. Other than that, you have to make the font very small to fit such a little plate of metal. You might also need to update it whenever you change address or phone number. But welcome to the high-tech world of computers where a simple USB device can help bring your pet back to you.

The Flexi PC ID Tag is a miniature thumb drive that can contain all the information that would be necessary. You could put your contact number, address, veterinarian’s office, special treatment, and other notes that you feel are needed (like your dog prefers pork barbecue or savory chicken). This way, the person who takes hold of your pet knows what to do. Plus, there will be greater chance that you get your pet back whenever he/she gets lost. Updating the information is very easy with the fast USB 2.0 interface so anything wouldn’t be left out.

You don’t have to worry about the ID tag wearing out because it has been specifically designed to be water and shock proof. So even if Digby loves to take a swim or roll over countless of times, the tag would be very much safe in its metal capsule.

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RedEye Laser Putter for Accurate Putts

If you’re a golf aficionado, putting the ball into the hole could be the hardest part of the game. This is when your eagle can turn into a birdie, into a par and towards a bad score. You could improve your score by practicing on your putt mat but that wouldn’t help you easily – what can help you is laser technology. You see, lasers are used for the accurate straight line that it produces and it is time to put that into your own benefit.

The RedEye Laser Putter shows you where you’re aiming at. This way, you always get to see how to putt accurately. You might think that this is cheating on your practice and won’t help you a lot when it comes to the real game. But there is such thing called as muscle memory. This muscle memory is the sort of automaticity of your actions like when you’re about to make a turn on the corner of your street when you’re driving, you always do it almost the same time every time. By practicing with the RedEye, your body gets to remember what it is to putt accurately.

Research of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Sports Innovation shows that only 15% of golfers accurately aim at the hole with their putter six feet away! You could be one of the 85% who doesn’t aim right at the hole. With the RedEye, you could improve your putts by up to 630%!

Right putt every time with the RedEye Golf i330 Right-Handed Laser Putting System.

Ocean Wonders Mobile with Remote for Techie Parents

The infant stage can be really tiring to parents. Like just making a baby go to sleep can wear you down even with the lullabies and toys. A mobile really helps a baby put to sleep but once it stops moving or playing music, your baby would be restless again. Plus, when you want to set it up, you should be careful not to excite the baby as it will make him alert again. Good thing Fisher-Price made this remote controlled mobile.

The Ocean Wonders Mobile brings your baby in an underwater world filled with calming lights and sounds. The nursery will be filled with fishes moving around along with the calming sound of the sea. There are 5 lullabies that can surely make your baby entertained and slowly fall asleep. The base has a little bowl that can be played with your baby. It swooshes and glitters every time it is pressed and is very soft to touch. Parents wouldn’t have to worry about waking their baby since the remote control takes care of the operation even from afar. Moving up to the toddler years? This mobile can be reattached to a dresser where it will still amuse your growing kid.

This thing is really great for moms out there. Not yet a parent? Well, this mobile is a great gift that any recipient would appreciate. Even product reviews by moms tell that this thing not only relaxes their baby but them as well!

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