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Transparent Television: The Way of the Future

Who doesn’t think transparency is cool? I don’t care who you are or how fascinated you are by technology, the transparent TV is a pretty remarkable advance in technology. It makes me wonder how far things will go in the future. Pretty soon we may indeed be living like the Jetsons, things that seemed to be solely fiction based are steadily becoming a reality. So we aren’t at the point of jumping in our flying cars to reach a destination within seconds, advances are being made daily, that make me believe that is the future of our children, or at the least our grandchildren.

Samsung recently revealed what the future of TV will look like, with a lot of kinks that seemed to need to be worked out, an information on this great new idea limited, it seems that they are on the track to a sleek, energy efficient future. As TV’s are some of the highest source of electric used in most houses, it is a breakthrough in technology that many have been waiting for. Especially amongst those that are concerned about the future of our environment.

Samsung has come up with an incredible design that not only ensures that you will have the most modern house on the block, but the most eco-friendly as well. This television works off of solar panels and runs off other lights. Does it get any better than this?

While this is still in the trial phase and is currently solely a prototype we do know a bit about this latest piece of technology. The possibilities seem to be endless. It seems it can operate completely free from the power. Shown at Cebit in Germany, the 46″ prototype produces energy from ambient light in a room through the use of solar panels. Due to the advanced engineering of it uses very little energy, requiring no additional power sources. The concept includes an extremely thin screen that can display information, while things behind it are still easily visible. With this in mind, it is easy to imagine that this could apply to car windshields among many other places.

While this is still a project in the making, it seems as they have not figured out a way to incorporate the wireless capabilities that are oh so important when it comes to the trends in our society. I can only guess that we are mere moments (or years) away from this idea to advance to fulfill the things we look for when purchasing an expensive item such as a brand new TV.

For now, we are only to dream of such an idea, but to dream it is to achieve it, and I am convinced that the geniuses behind such advances will work out the kinks and someday soon, there will be a transparent tv made to fit all of our wants and needs. What will come next is unimaginable to the average person, but it is certain that those who are working on this, won’t be stopping once they reach this goal. Who knows, we could be alive to see the day when our favorite programs and websites are delivered directly to our homes from one single satellite. No television, or electricity needed. Now, that would be cool.

Can’t wait for years to buy a new TV, in the market now? Well then for you there are several options to fit your needs. Visit to find the perfect purchase at the best prices. As the idea of transparency is still a work in progress, it is still important to find something that will not only impress you with all of it’s capabilities, but will impress all that enter your home.

Nikon D800 On The Way

Nikon D800The options for the use of video and photography expanding more rapidly than ever. From private video sharing to viral marketing campaigns and social media tie-ins, freelance videographers have more options than ever to share their work, build their own brands, and create their own companies. Simply owning a quality camera in this day and age opens up a variety of options both for work and recreation.

A slate of extraordinary cameras have hit the market in the last few years, including the Nikon D700, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i, the Olympus PEN E-PL3, and the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V. Video cameras have been upgrading as well, with the likes of the Sony VX-1000, the Panasonic DVX-100b, the Canon 5D Mkii, and the Red. With the trend of digital cameras offering both supreme still and moving image capability, we’ve entered a new generation of consolidated all-in-one gadgets. This trend does not appear to be dying down.

Nikon appears poised to attempt to lead this generation as anticipation over its new D800 camera continues to grow ahead of the rumored February 7th release. With the discontinuation of the D700 and the D300 (which came as somewhat of a surprise) digital SLR cameras, Nikon appears ready to embrace the upgrade of one of its most popular cameras. The buzz over this camera centers around its shooting in 36 megapixels, which of course is in addition to Nikon’s Expeed 3 image processor. Additional specs for the camera include shooting 1080p video at 20 fps, an enhanced LCD display, and integration with SD and CF cards.

The Nikon D800, in addition to its 36 megapixels and excellent video quality, will also sport face recognition technology, the ability to support PCM sound devices, 86k pixel RGB sensor, uncompressed HDMI, and full viewfinder coverage. It will have the same ISO features as the D700, which includes a range of 100-6400, which can be expanded up to 50 to 25,600. Of course, the camera will cost $4,000, so its immediate widespread adoption during a time of tough economic conditions is no certainty.

Analysts expect the product to be officially announced at the CP+ Photography Show in Japan, by which time there could be other announcements pending regarding the new waterproof, shockproof Coolpix cameras for kids. Nikon seems intent in diversifying its output for multiple markets and appealing to different demographics of consumers, from professional and freelance photographers and videographers to amateurs and children looking to document their wild times.

#FellowesInc 73Ci: Introducing the Newest in Shredding Technology

This post brought to you by Fellowes. All opinions are 100% mine.


73Ci_HeroleftShredding mechanisms have always played a key role in preventing identity theft, and it is for this reason that many people invest in a high-quality shredder for home and office use. However, it has always been a challenge for individuals to find the right shredder that combines safety, ease of use, and efficiency. For a long time, many people had to put up with just one or two good shredder qualities, depending on their priority. The introduction of the Fellowes 73Ci has changed all that—it has brought a revolutionary upgrade to shredding with its variety of features.

Heavy-Duty Cross-Cut Blades. The 73Ci can cut a piece of paper into 397 small pieces, ensuring that any shredded material is impossible to piece back together. This offers the ultimate identity protection, offering peace of mind to all its users.

100% Jam Proof Technology. The Fellowes 73Ci is the only shredder in the market to offer advanced jam prevention. It can efficiently shred even papers that have been incorrectly fed to it, ensuring a hassle-free shredding experience.

SafeSense® Technology. Other shredders today pose the danger of injuring users when they accidentally touch the paper opening. The 73Ci is designed to prevent this; it automatically stops its operation once it senses hands touching the paper opening, ensuring optimum safety.

Capacitive Touch Screen Controls. The 73Ci is also very easy to use. There’s no need to push buttons and toggle switches; a light tap on its controls is all that’s needed to operate it.

Energy Savings System. Not only do the Fellowes 73Ci shredder promote efficient and safe use, but it also supports energy conservation. It features maximized energy savings both when in use and when on standby.

With all these features, shredding technology has just been brought to a higher level. If you are in the market looking for the right shredder for home or office use, you’ll be glad to know that the 73Ci is offered at a suggested retail price of only $199.99. Excited yet? Let us know which feature of the Fellowes 73Ci excites you most. And if you’re ready to shop, this innovative product is now available at office superstores.


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Do You Want A Bigger TV for Your Gaming Experience? IllumiRoom!

IllumiRoom1Microsoft has announced the IllumiRoom. IllumiRoom is a proof of concept from Microsoft research, it is designed to extend the  experience beyond the boundaries of your television.


This new concept is done by utilizing the Xbox Kinect camera to scan your living room.  It is designed to push the boundary of living room immersive entertainment, by blending virtual and physical worlds with projected visualizations.


Below is the video released by Microsoft, the  effects in the video are rendered in real-time and are captured live. No special effects added in post processing.

How to train your Dragon by Voice

First of all, happy new year to all.


dragon_speechI am just having fun with my new Dragon. I’ve purchased this Dragon dictation software to add more fun in blogging.. I am now using the Dragon version 12  Home Edition. Looks like the home edition is just right for me, I just like to see if  I would be able to create a longer post in less time.


Like all speech recognition software. The Dragon needs to be trained to have better accuracy. The training took about 15 minutes including the tutorials.  Compared to other speech recognition software, I am quite impressed with the Dragon’s recognition accuracy.


This post is the first article that I made using the speech recognition software. I have tried my best to do all by voice, but unfortunately I still need to use the keyboard to edit some of the inaccuracies. I am not a good speaker, nor a writer, but the Dragon still keeps up with my poorly structured sentences. Based on my initial use, the Dragon’s accuracy is about 90%.  What i really need to learn  are the commands that are used to edit or correct the errors within the sentence.


Based on my initial experience. I would certainly recommend this software to  other bloggers.

If you are interested, you can check out the latest price of Dragon NaturallySpeaking home edition in our Geekie Store.