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Portable Mouse Speaker: Small but cute

Ok, after seeing lots of cool Gadgets around, many of us have iPods, iPhones and all the latest gigs that we see and want to own it. Say, it is definitely greed of the gadgets. We have been fiddling around with lots of Portable Devices, so now you get your hands to one of these Mini Mouse USB Speakers. Well, to add more news, this isn’t your PC mouse but this connects to your iPod, PDA, mp3 player, notebook, PSP, CD player and even your computer via 3.5 mm stereo audio jack.

Well this is your thriving sound making speaker but if you need to listen your favorite music in some off-the-track places, some place romantic with your partner or anywhere you think you need a little noise to make the environment flourished by music, this is perfect for you. It charges via USB cables and producing some non-smashing 2 W output. But hey, look at the size first, not much of the sound but can definitely be very handy. You can control the volume and just enjoy your time with tiny mini speaker mouse.

It is cute and handy but still it could have some more extra functions.

Price is just $15 to fit your pocket. So what do you think? It could be a nice gift for someone.

Product Specs.

· Cute Mouse designed, small and portable

· Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which is environmental-friendly

· On/Off switch

· Volume Control

· Dimension: 50 x 34 x 73mm (approx.)

· Weight: 44g


· Loudspeaker output: 2W

· Sensitivity: 82 +- 3db

· Loudspeaker Impedance:4 ohm +- 15%

· Distortion: 0.5%

· Lithium ion battery output: 3.7V

· Lithium ion battery input: 4.2V +- 0.05V

Package Contents:

· USB Mini Mouse Speaker

· USB Cable

· Audio Cable

· Neck Strap


Sony screams new sensational walkman series

While shopping around for music storage devices, you are likely to have whole bunch of numbers of iPods and they are obviously eye catcher. But among them there comes a new music player battling up to produce high quality video and audio. Let’s welcome along the red carpet, a newest walkman player from Sony; the S, E and B series for creating a little nudge. The new walkman really gives a new boost in quality sounds and videos for the consumers who want to experience new improved digital mp3 playing experience.

Targeting for clients who need high quality and for easier copying, the users can download their songs from many download stores and personal music collections. That is not all; users can now easily “drag and drop” method to transfer media files from non-DRM music, videos, podcasts and any favorite playlists that can be collected from the internet. The S-series walkman supports almost all audio and video codecs and allow you to play any copy righted movies and video media from any source. More interestingly, Sony is the first one who integrated the feature like SensMeâ„¢ Channel function that helps to create channels automatically based on user taste and preferences which suggest users to channel based on song’s speed, mood and rhythm. The cool feature like “In-flight noise cancellation” gives quality sounds even in flight-time diminishing the background sounds. This is all possible due to 13.5mm EX noise cancelling headphones and extra cable that extends the noise canceling functionality of S-series walkman. The slimmest S-series with 2 inch QVGA LCD screen, users can watch their favorite videos or photo.

The E-series and B-series comprises similar functions and features however in B-series which is stylish and sleek in design and enhanced by an illuminator, a cool feature that pulses in time with the music that is being played when the bass button is pressed. This Series have am FM and voice recorder.

The batteries of the devices gives powers up to 40 hours for S-series, 45 hours for E-series and surprisingly just 16 hours for B-series.

The price moves from $45 up to 180 depending on the size and the series. You can also have different colors to choose from.

So are you ready to roll with new Sony Walkman?

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8″ Portable DVD Player & Digital Photo Frame

Now the one show you simply can’t afford to miss is the latest Digital Photo Frame by LG with DVD Player., yeah that’s right a DVD player that makes this Portable LG 8” very unique that others. So far we have seen many Digital Photo Frames but nothing like this. The race is on between Digital Photo Frames manufacturers with extra implementation go around for this particular Digital Photo Frame.

The vision is always changing, the giant leap has been made and once again, LG has developed simply amazing product for the gadget fans. This portable device can sore 250 photos in its in build memory and displays your favorite pictures on 8” screen. So besides those pictures, you have full option o play your most wanted DVD playback with audio from its inbuilt speakers or maybe you can connect it to your external headphone speakers. You can browse the photos in DVD or CD and watch it on this cool screen.

The batteries can power of DVD player up to more than 3 hours. For the gamming people, you can connect your console to it and enjoy he unique experience playing your favorite game on it.

The price declared for this device is $279.95 and this is a must have gadget for you.

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Portable Can Shape USB Humidifier

Ok, now if you are thinking of drinking soda from this Can, think again, because this is the Can that can maintain the fresh air for you. This is your Portable Can Shape USB Office Home Miniature Anion Humidifier which features a latest technology to purify the air around in your room by removing toxic substances like dust particles, bad odors and molds from your room making clean and healthy environment.

As we spend hours and hours in computer, what we never know is how the air around are so dry and filled with charged ions that are the major cause for eye problems. This Anion Humidifier produces active oxygen molecules releasing negative electric charge making it more active and reduces static radiation and thus protecting your eyes. Working for hours may result in fatigue. So you can put Anion Humidifier near you and which improves your metabolism rate and keeping you away from getting tired very easily. If you worry about getting diseases that arises from your air conditioning, Anion checks that for you.

The portable device is just $29.99. Your health is most important thing so it is useful to have one of these health gadgets.


  • Power Supply: USB 5V
  • Cable length: 1.5meters about
  • Power: <2.0W
  • Humidification: 50ml/hour
  • Weight 283 g
  • Blue color

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Can Shape Humidifier
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 3 x Absorbent sticks (7.6cm in length, 1.2cm in diameter)

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Ghetto Blaster Tote: Carry a lightweight musical bag

Feel the power with the vintage and old school look tote that will keep everyone’s eye on you while you walk down the street. The new Ghetto Blaster Tote with old vintage outlook generates the colorful retro look as you can pump up the music either with classical songs or modern, whatever you choose, just keep a smile on your face because that’s how you will execute your personality with salutary ode to your self being.

Connect your Ghetto Blaster Tote to your MP3 and carry it along like a bag which is also a bag actually and you can put your favorite stuffs in. More often, you can take this ultra cool speaker bag in the beach, enjoy the sun and surf and play some good music. I think many people like it as it is pretty easier and lighter to carry anywhere. So whenever you feel like going somewhere, I do prefer beaches or pool parties just turn up the sound the bag and start dancing or have some champagne and enjoy the good times.

Price is just $45 to bag it for you.
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