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CD Clinic: Because You’re no DJ


You’re no DJ so stop playing CDs that keep jumping! No one enjoys music that keeps skipping.


Well, then try replacing your music CDs for one.  Oh wait, then that means you’ll have to shell out a lot of moolah to replace all your scratched music CDs, not to mention your VCDs. Now you wonder… there must be another way.

No fear, CD Clinic is here! No need to buy yourself a new set of music and DVD collections. CD Clinic is the only tool you need save yourself from the horrible experience of music that keeps jumping and videos that keep skipping. Plus it saves you a lot of money too!

CD clinic wipes away the fingerprints  and scratches from your CDs leaving them clean and ready to use anytime, anywhere. It comes with a restoration liquid that is specially formulated to repair your CDs. Just spray the restoration liquid on the disc surface and put it in the CD Clinic. The polishing pads will work their magic to clean your CDs, so they can be read clearly and prevent them from skipping tracks.  After placing the CDs in the CD clinic, just turn the handle and voila! Your CD will be as good as new.

So spare yourself from a profession that wasn’t meant to be yours, retire from being a DJ and get yourself a CD clinic here!

Oggle at this Doggles!


Dog Fashion has never been cuter with the new doggles. It’s  THE sunglasses to buy for your beloved pet. Finally, there’s a cool summer look for your dog to match your equally cool sense of fashion.

Gone are the days when your dog was special because it has tailored-fit clothes. It’s time to go elite by getting your baby this super cute dogwear.

But don’t be fooled, because doggles isn’t all about fashion. Vets say that as much as the human eyes need protection from the sun, so do the eyes of your dog. Because doggles have UV protection, your dogs can enjoy morning or afternoon walks under the sun without any strain for their eyes.  The wraparound frames close the gap from any potential sunlight to pass through. It is comfortable to wear because it includes an air vent as part of the frame design. So you see,  doggles is actually about fashion and practicality!

Doggles are shatterproof because it is made out of polycarbonate material. The doggles straps are elastic to keep them securely in place so as to make it safe for your dog to enjoy its everyday rough fun!

Doggles are available in various sizes and colors black, pink, and champagne. That way you can choose a posh or rugged or cool look for your doggie! So what are you waiting for? Get a pair of doggles here now!

Electric Key Finder For The Forgetful You

keyfinder1You have a bad hangover, you’re late for work, and just when you thought things couldn’t get worse — you can’t find your car keys.

No fear, Key Finder is here!

At last, you can find your keys even while you’re squinting! Just attach the keyfob to your keys and with just a click on your keycard, you’ve just managed to save yourself a good half hour of finding your keys.

No more bugging people if they saw your keys. No more looking through your stuff a gazillion times over like a frustrated musical maniac because there will be no more whistling around the house. With this key finder, you can find your keys within an 80 feet distance and the alarm sounds off even if your keys are inside a drawer,  bag, cabinet or buried under a pillow. It is intelligently designed to help you find it because the nearer you are to the keys the louder and faster the alarm beeps.

It’s perfect for people with hangovers, memory trouble, or people who are just plain forgetful.

The keyfob locator card is so slim and simple that fits your wallet like any credit card. Get yourself this key finder here and you won’t have a problem finding your keys again! Just don’t forget where you placed your wallet because then you’d have to get yourself a wallet finder.

Solar Backpack: A Techy’s Best Friend


If you’re a techy who’s always on the go, chances are your laptop and iPod are both low bat, your PSP has no charge, and worst of all, you’re in danger of being out of reach because your cellphone is about to die.

The Solar Backpack is the new best friend of the jetsetter techy today.

Imagine this. You are walking on the streets, going to work and your laptop is charging. You are on your way to the mall to do your shopping and your cellphone is charging.


The Solar Backpack has a built in monocrystalline solar panel attached to the front of the bag which absorbs the sun’s energy and converts this energy into an electrical charge stored in a power pack inconspicuously hidden inside in the bag.


Ahem, this backpack has a solar panel. That’s all you need to know. Just connect your gadget to the charger and you’ll never be in danger of losing batt again. Well, not unless there’s a solar eclipse or something. (I’m sure you get what I mean!)

Equipped with a rechargeable battery pack, a headphones access slot, a variety of adapters including Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, Siemens mobile phones and a mini USB connector, your solar backpack is the complete get up and go bag. With a number of compartments to store your belongings, it protects your gadgets with ultra soft padding to cushion any accidental travel bumps and blows. It has a number of buckles to safely strap the bag close to your body away from envious predators.

Rain or shine, you can use this bag because it has built-in water proof sleeves and storage pouch. So turn up the volume of your iPod and enjoy the music while travelling because this solar backpack has got you covered! Don’t stall, grab one here now.

The Universe In Your Own Bedroom


Okay, fine. Maybe not the whole universe but the solar system is at least in your bedroom.

Truth be told, accessorizing your child’s room isn’t always easy with all the trinkets and gazillion of accessories found in toy stores today. But if you want an accessory that’s also educational for your child, you might want to get him his very own R/C Animated Solar System Mobile right here.

The R/C Animated Solar System Mobile is the complete revolving solar system + 1 former planet. It comes with an audio CD that gives your child a glimpse of the universe.  Measuring up to 42″ in diameter and uses 3 C and 2 AAA batteries, this solar system can be mounted on the bedroom ceiling after assembly. When turned on, the sun lights up and automatically shuts down after 20 minutes. It has an IR controller with a built in “meteor” light projector for your child to create his own pseudo meteor shower experience.

So if you’re not so sure what to put in your kid’s room, you may want to think about purchasing this gadget. The R/C Animated Solar System Mobile can make him feel like he has his own little science museum in his very own bedroom!