Pro Bike Tool Mini Bike Pump with Gauge Review

The Pro Bike Tool mini pump has a warranty so that you know its nicely made also is contender for a bicycle pump. For a tiny pump that is portable that it has.

It is going to inflate any tire in under a minute when it cannot compete with a floor pump. It works as nicely with mountain bicycles in addition to road bicycles and Pro Bike Tool asserts tires inflate around 120 psi BUT like any pump, I do not believe you could ever get over a 100 psi.

A design since it uses a hose is utilized by the Pro Bike Tool. I enjoy this layout since it can be a pain.

The Pro Bike Tool removes this which SCREWS about the valve stem. This offer you the atmosphere, no air reduction and a seal from each stroke. No cheap lever to lock on it.

It matches on both Schrader and Presta valve stems and includes a velcro strap without using one of the mounts in your bicycle so that you can mount it anywhere on the bicycle.

Whats even more amazing is the fact that it comes with an inline pressure gauge that’s fairly precise. I discovered it within 5 lbs, and it is as precise as any flooring pump. Likely its only drawback is Pro Bike Tool does not offer you some extras such as a needle for inflating balls etc..

Then the Pro Bike Mini pump is right right for you, if you’re trying to find the best bike pump.


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