Xbox One: Bringing the Future of Entertainment to the Present

Just when you think the Xbox 360 can’t get any better, Xbox One is unveiled. With its all-new system, all-new power, and its promised all-new experience, it’s bringing entertainment to a whole new level. It has revolutionized the way you enjoy your movies and music, the way you play games, and the way you connect with your friends on the web. And whereas most of today’s existing entertainment systems take all the mentioned features individually, the Xbox One has successfully incorporated all of these in a whole custom-tailored package designed to enhance your overall entertainment experience.

1Power Unleashed

So what makes the Xbox One different? Where does it get all of its new capabilities? Well, underneath this device, it’s a fusion of power and speed. Its combination of 8-core x86 processor and 8GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive makes the Xbox One some sort of super computer. Its HDMI pass-thru allows easy switching. From watching a movie to playing a game to chatting on Skype, you can switch and jump around from one experience to the next with ease. You can even perform two activities all at the same time—multitasking at its finest!

The Kinect Experience

Aside from its power, one interesting thing about the Xbox One is the personalization and the customized experience that it offers. It is designed to get to know you and to communicate with you in many different ways. First, it recognizes your voice. It will instantly turn on the moment you say ‘Xbox on’, and it can do a whole lot more with just the sound of your voice. It’s very responsive, very intuitive, and it can recognize even your gestures and movements (it can wake up as soon as you enter the room).

Personalization is also very easy with Xbox One. You can ‘pin’ your favorite shows, games, and practically everything you like in your homepage so that they become accessible anytime. You can also connect to your friends and to the entire Xbox Live community in an instant, and you can see what everyone’s up to at any given moment.2A Whole New Level of Gaming Experience

Although the Xbox One is designed as a whole entertainment system, it is especially geared towards serious gamers. Not only does it cater to more games that are not available in other systems, but it also offers new features that gamers will surely like. It all begins with the Advanced AI technology that makes everything more alive, more real. And, even when you sign out, you retain your presence in the game through your shadow and everything continues even when you’re not there. If you love being challenged, the Smart Match technology will surely appeal to you. It matches you against players who are of the same level and skill, players who are similar to you. And, you can celebrate wins and boast-worthy moves with the Game DVR, which allows you to recall and capture your best moves in a game, and then share them with friends.

If you’re looking for an overall entertainment experience in one compact device, it’s time you try Xbox One. If you have enjoyed the Xbox 360, Xbox One will take you to an even higher level of entertainment.

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