Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats: Nest or Honeywell?

Nest and Honeywell are two of the leading names when it comes to thermostat technology. For years now, these companies have been offering a wide range of thermostats for home use. And now, they have leveled up their technology by offering wi-fi smart thermostats, devices that are wi-fi operated and can be controlled remotely using your personal computer, iPhone, or iPad devices. In this article, we check out and review the newest products offered by these two companies, and we look at their various features.

honeywellHoneywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

This thermostat is a rather new device in the market, and it makes programming your weekly (7-day) heating and cooling needs easy. While you can do the programming manually via your PC (Honeywell’s web portal) or via your smartphone (mobile app), you also have the option to make programming easier and less tasking by simply answering a series of questions that will help the thermostat figure out your needs (a sample question is: What temperature do you prefer when you wake?).

What We Like About It

  1. It can send alerts (via mobile and email) to let us know the different conditions in our home (i.e. home is too hot or too cold or humidity is too high or too low). It can even send alerts that tell us when its filter already needs a replacement, or when Internet is down.
  2. Its Instant Away feature allows us to ‘let it know’ when we’re leaving the house and when we’ll be back. This way, it can automatically adjust the temperature, so we get more savings!
  3.  Its Smart Response Technology has the ability to gauge the time it take to heat or cool our home, so it can program our devices such that we have our needed temp when we need it.

What We Don’t Like About It

  1. Appeal-wise, it has a lot more to improve when it comes to its physical built. It looks a bit more ‘classic’, so to speak. Plus, most of the programming have to be done either on the web portal or mobile app.

nestNest 2nd Gen Learning Thermostat

This is a high-tech device that can detect your presence at home through its motion sensing capabilities. It can learn your schedule when it is on learning mode, automatically doing its own programming, although it also allows you to program it manually and easily – it’s very flexible to use!

What We Like About It

  1. It is very easy to use, and the technology embedded in it makes everything simple for users like us who are not so techy savvy. It’s almost a one-time program device. Once we have programmed it, or once it learns our schedule or habit, there’s almost no need to tinker with it again unless we have a change in schedule or an event lined up.
  2. It’s very appealing, perfect for those looking for a chic device in their home. It screams modern!
  3. The technology in the device is awesome! And, it’s continuously fine-tuning as it gathers more data by motion sensing, so it performs well all the time.

What We Don’t Like About It

  1. Well, we haven’t experienced this yet, but there were users who complained about the inaccuracy of the device because it turned out it has a 3-degree +/- swing. We had no problem with our temp so far, but this is one thing to consider.

Both the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat and the Nest 2nd Gen Learning Thermostat are worthy options if you’re looking for high-tech and advanced thermostat. Once you’ve decided which of these to get, you can check out choices at Geekie Store.

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