Which is the Better iPad Stylus—the Wacom Bamboo Stylus or the Adonit Jot Pro Stylus?

IPads have been in wide use for quite a time now, but it’s only been fairly recently when stylus for iPads have become in demand. And right now, there are already so many types and brands of stylus in the market—different designs, different sizes, and different capabilities. Two of the favorite stylus in the market today are the Wacom Bamboo Stylus or the Adonit Jot Pro. And, it seems many users still can’t decide which of them is better—they are very close in terms of performance.

Now if you are in the market looking for the right stylus for your iPad, we give you an overview and a comparison between these two leading stylus products.

bambooThe Wacom Bamboo Stylus

The Bamboo stylus has a satin-textured metal body that gives it a solid feel. It’s a bit thicker than an ordinary pen but also shorter, not too heavy and also not too light—just heavy enough for day-to-day writing (weight: 20g). This combination makes the Bamboo comfortable to use. It feels almost like an ordinary pen, so there’s no discomfort even when you use it longer.

The design is modern and simple, even a bit minimalistic, if not for their bright colors. If you want to go for the sophisticated look, you can get the black or silver Bamboo stylus. If you want chic and perky, you can try other bright colors.

The Bamboo has a 6mm rubber tip that is very responsive. The tip is removable in case you need to replace it after a while, and it also has a removable pocket clip. The Bamboo stylus is ideal for all around us, and even more for drawing and sketching.

jot proThe Adonit Jot Pro Stylus

This stylus is built with an aluminum and steel interior body and a rubber exterior grip for easy writing. While the Bamboo is great for drawing, the Jot Pro is liked by many because of its precision and accuracy—it’s perfect for writing and taking notes.

The Jot Pro Stylus has many appealing features, among which is its locking cap that protects its tip when not in use and the magnetic cling that keeps it firmly attached to the iPad, preventing possibilities of rolling away and getting lost. Of its great features, the favorite is the transparent plastic disc that is attached to its tip via a ball connection. This disc is pretty much behind the accuracy of the Adonit Jot Pro, and it also promotes a more comfortable grip. The only complaint about the Jot Pro is the loud noise that it makes every time it comes in contact with the iPad (and that can be frequent when you’re writing notes, as compared to when you’re sketching by which the stylus won’t need to be in and out of contact with the iPad surface.

So Which is for You?

Overall, both stylus are on the higher end among all the available stylus products today. Your choice would just depend on the type of activity you’ll use the stylus for. Go for the Wacom Bamboo Stylus if you’ll do lots of drawing, but get the Adonit Jot Pro if you’ll be using the device for day-to-day note taking. Once you’ve decided which of these to get, you can find your needed product at Geekie Store.

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