Transparent Television: The Way of the Future

Who doesn’t think transparency is cool? I don’t care who you are or how fascinated you are by technology, the transparent TV is a pretty remarkable advance in technology. It makes me wonder how far things will go in the future. Pretty soon we may indeed be living like the Jetsons, things that seemed to be solely fiction based are steadily becoming a reality. So we aren’t at the point of jumping in our flying cars to reach a destination within seconds, advances are being made daily, that make me believe that is the future of our children, or at the least our grandchildren.

Samsung recently revealed what the future of TV will look like, with a lot of kinks that seemed to need to be worked out, an information on this great new idea limited, it seems that they are on the track to a sleek, energy efficient future. As TV’s are some of the highest source of electric used in most houses, it is a breakthrough in technology that many have been waiting for. Especially amongst those that are concerned about the future of our environment.

Samsung has come up with an incredible design that not only ensures that you will have the most modern house on the block, but the most eco-friendly as well. This television works off of solar panels and runs off other lights. Does it get any better than this?

While this is still in the trial phase and is currently solely a prototype we do know a bit about this latest piece of technology. The possibilities seem to be endless. It seems it can operate completely free from the power. Shown at Cebit in Germany, the 46″ prototype produces energy from ambient light in a room through the use of solar panels. Due to the advanced engineering of it uses very little energy, requiring no additional power sources. The concept includes an extremely thin screen that can display information, while things behind it are still easily visible. With this in mind, it is easy to imagine that this could apply to car windshields among many other places.

While this is still a project in the making, it seems as they have not figured out a way to incorporate the wireless capabilities that are oh so important when it comes to the trends in our society. I can only guess that we are mere moments (or years) away from this idea to advance to fulfill the things we look for when purchasing an expensive item such as a brand new TV.

For now, we are only to dream of such an idea, but to dream it is to achieve it, and I am convinced that the geniuses behind such advances will work out the kinks and someday soon, there will be a transparent tv made to fit all of our wants and needs. What will come next is unimaginable to the average person, but it is certain that those who are working on this, won’t be stopping once they reach this goal. Who knows, we could be alive to see the day when our favorite programs and websites are delivered directly to our homes from one single satellite. No television, or electricity needed. Now, that would be cool.

Can’t wait for years to buy a new TV, in the market now? Well then for you there are several options to fit your needs. Visit to find the perfect purchase at the best prices. As the idea of transparency is still a work in progress, it is still important to find something that will not only impress you with all of it’s capabilities, but will impress all that enter your home.

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