The Solar War: Nova Solar Backpack vs. Eclipse Solar Backpack

As more and more compact electronic gadgets are introduced, the need for energy also increases. And although energy is still abundant, gadget consumers are faced with the challenge that comes with (1) increasing energy cost and (2) the need to ‘carry’ energy and make it readily accessible at all times. To address the first problem, manufacturers have introduced solar panels to harness energy from the sun—cheap (free, actually) and always available (especially during a sunny day). And to address the second problem and enable consumers to have access to energy wherever they are, manufacturers have created devices that can harness energy and make it ready for use. Among these devices are solar backpacks. In this article, we review and compare two of the popular solar backpacks in the market today: the Nova solar backpack and the Eclipse solar backpack. Let’s see how they fare in terms of their construction and their performance.


The Backpack

Both backpacks are designed to carry a wide range of gadgets and materials, making them great for all-around use. The people behind the Eclipse backpack have made it a point to ensure excellent organization of all the things you carry with you inside the bag. They have incorporated a padded compartment at the rear of the backpack to accommodate laptops up to 15 inches in size. They have also allotted a wide compartment for clothing, as well as several pockets for your gadgets. Mesh pockets and zippered pouches are also included for holding your water bottle and other accessories. Meanwhile, manufacturers

of the Nova backpack have designed it for versatility. Built for those who care about both fashion and function, the bag is ideal both for outdoor use and business use. It is also crafted from 51% recycled PET materials and is designed with a carrying capacity of up to 33 liters.


The Solar Charger

Both backpacks have a built-in solar panel, which allows them to harness energy from the sun. However, the Nova solar backpack stands out here because it already comes with a portable power pack—the Power Bank 7000m (AL-350). So, it has the capacity to store all the energy that it has harnessed in order to charge devices later on. Charging time for the power bank is 10 hours by sunlight and 3 to 4 hours via USB. It can accommodate and charge a wide range of gadgets, and it comes with an array of accessories: cables and adapters for various devices. The Eclipse solar backpack, on the other hand, can provide up to 4 watts of energy; connection to the device is via a 12V power adapter. However, it doesn’t come with a power bank. If you want to store energy, you will have to buy a separate power pack.

Our Verdict

Both the Nova solar backpack and the Eclipse solar backpack can deliver power. Both are ideal gifts for outdoorsy geeks. Whether you want the organization-friendly features of the Eclipse backpack or the fashionable style of the Nova backpack, that will be entirely up to you. As to power, Nova stands out because it’s already complete. If you can spend extra money to buy a power pack and enjoy the extra backpack features of the Eclipse, then do. If you want the complete package and power, however, the Nova is for you. You can check out Geekie Store for more solar backpack choices.

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