The Search for Better Audio Experience: Bose On-Ear Headphone vs. Beats Solo by Dr. Dre (Monster)

Bose and Beats are two companies with aggressive followers—it’s no wonder that the market gets abuzz every time these companies release new products. And today, the debate isn’t over yet. Which of these two companies is the real giant when it comes to producing headphones with better quality and value? In this article, we look at the Bose On-Ear headphone and the Beats Solo headphone to see which of these products is better in terms of style, comfort, and sound quality.

bose oeDesign

People have different things to say about the Beats Solo and the Bose OE when it comes to their design, and we’d say both offer benefits in terms of different design aspects. Many consumers will surely agree that the Beats Solo is way stylish than the Bose OE—it has a chic and a hot look buy cialis that makes style fanatics want it at first glance. If you’re the practical type, though, especially if you travel a lot, you may want to reconsider and take a second look at the Bose OE instead. It is preferred by most travelers because it’s more compact; it folds nicely into a case if you need to pack it with your things.


This is the reason some consumers say ‘there’s more to headphones than looks’. While many people go gaga over the design and aesthetics of the Beats Solo, many are turned off by the comfort level that it provides. Although using the Solo is quite comfortable during the first couple of hours, longer use often leads to pressure on the head and the ears. Additionally, the earpads do not fit really well (and sometimes cause sweating on the ears), compared to the Bose OE whose earpads are soft and sit around the ears conveniently. The headband is another thing. The Beats Solo has a rubberized band, which keeps it pretty steady in place but may tug at the hair. Meanwhile, the Bose OE has a fabric band that moves along the hair smoothly.

beats solo

Sound Quality

The Beats Solo stands out here when it comes to bass, but that is the only good thing that can be said about it. When it comes to the rest, the sound is muddy, frequencies are out of balance, and the details are often lost. Because of these, there are only a few genre of music that will sound good with the Solo (like hiphop or pop). For most

sounds, though, the Bose OE is the clear choice with its defined audio quality—clean, crisp, full, and balanced. If the Beats Solo has any redeeming feature, that would be its ControlTalk and its extra cable that allows it to be connected to your phone or iPod.

Our Say: After careful review of the Beats Solo and the Bose OE in terms of different aspects, we’d be recommending these headphones to two different kinds of users. If you’re a serious audiophile, there’s no doubt that you should go for the Bose OE. Its edge in sound quality and comfort makes it a perfect choice. However, if you’re someone who plan to use your headphone together with your phone while on commute, for instance, or if your type of music is hiphop or pop, and if style ranks high in your scale, then the Beats Solo will be good for you. If you need Bose OE and Beats Solo headphones and accessories, check out Geekie Store for complete selections.

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