The Best Gadget Gifts

Do you have a friend who loves gadgets? This makes gifting both fun and difficult. You want to come up with a cool, unique gadget that they don’t already have, but avoid cheesy, cheaply made gifts. Sometimes the difference between ‘cheesy’ and ‘cool’ is just personal taste. Below is a list of gadget that are fun, unique, useful, and (most importantly) could make amazing gifts.

For the music lover: Rock It Sticker Amp. This amp is a small speaker that can stick to almost anything and turn it into an amp. Simply attach it to a cereal box, empty cup, thermos, or whatever else is handy. The sticker amp turns whatever it is attached to into a giant speaker. The amp works with standard headphone jacks, and is incredibly small and portable.

For the business man who secretly wants to be a spy: Wifi Hotspot Cufflinks. These cufflinks are made from a base metal with a silver plating, and are totally work-appropriate. One cufflink functions as a 2GB flash drive, while the other connects via USB to function as a mobile wifi hotspot. These cufflinks are the perfect gadget for anyone who dreams of being James Bond.

For the curious: MicroMax LED Plus. The MircoMax is a tiny microscope that can attach to an iPhone. It magnifies up to 100x. The MicroMax can be attached and removed from the iPhone with ease, and makes for a great gadget for the curious.

For the OCD: Cyber Clean. This goo-like cleaning pad can be pushed into the tiniest crevices. Think about all the gunk that gets stuck in a keyboard or your computer ports. Simply press the Cyber Clean into the crevices and slowly pull it out. The goo grabs any grime caught in those hard to reach areas!

There are literally hundreds of gadgets out there. The trick is finding a gift that the recipient will fall in love with. The gadgets listed above are some of the best gadgets out there, and are sure to be a hit.

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