Solar Keyboards in Action: Logitech Solar Keyboard vs. Trust Helios Solar Keyboard

Many of the leaders in the various industries around the world today are trying to merge environmental conservation and technological innovations, and there’s no denying the fact that many are succeeding. Solar technology is becoming more and more popular, and new technologies are being developed to turn electronic monsters into earth-friendly, environment-loving, and solar-powered devices.

Among the newly emerging green devices today are solar keyboards. They have evolved from wireless keyboards, which require only a battery and a receiver for them to operate. The new keyboards are also operated by battery, only the batteries are charged by sunlight instead of the usual electricity from your wall socket – a great way to save on power expenses and to help slow down the depletion of the earth’s resources. In this article, we compare two solar keyboards (the Logitech solar keyboard and the Trust Helios solar keyboard) in terms of function, design, and solar capability.

Design and Construction logitech solar keyboard

Both keyboards are designed like normal keyboards, except they have an added area to accommodate solar panels through which they harness the sun’s energy. Both keyboards are very thin and have keys that are well spaced, so chances of mistyping are minimized. The Logitech solar keyboard has chiclet-style keys with a concave shape, which makes typing firm and quiet.

Both of them come with stands for a more comfortable wrist and hand position. The Helios keyboard is available in black while the Logitech keyboard is offered in 5 different colors. Both keyboards are compatible with Windows 7, XP, and Vista, but Logitech also offers one that’s compatible with MAC –a sure good treat for all MAC users out there!

Function and Features

The keyboards from Logitech and Trust are easy to use and set up. They both come with a mini USB receiver that you only need to connect to your device for easy use. The Helios solar keyboard can work up to a distance of 5 meters from your PC with the receiver connected. When it comes to the Logitech solar keyboard, the most appeal comes from the ability of

its USB receiver to work with more devices other than the keyboard (can work with up to 5 devices) – no need for several other USB receivers for all your other Logitech gadgets (i.e. mouse).

helios solar keyboard

Solar Capability

Being solar keyboards, the capability of these devices to harness, store, and utilize solar energy is probably one of the most important (if not the most important) features that should be looked into. As has already been mentioned, both keyboards come with solar panels. They also come with battery that is charged and recharged every time you expose the keyboards to both natural and artificial light. The Helios keyboard comes with a button cell battery while the Logitech keyboard comes with an ML2032 battery. Logitech says their keyboard can remain charged for up to 3 months even when in the dark (have yet to prove that), although one problem that many have encountered in this keyboard is the availability of a replacement battery. The replacement doesn’t seem to be readily available, and many reported difficulty in the search for a new one. In terms of other green aspects other than the battery, Logitech brings its keyboard to a higher level in the green scale with the PVC-free plastic material and the earth-friendly packaging of its keyboard. The box is recyclable and there is no user manual (thus, no paper waste).

The Decision

Both keyboards are reliable in terms of function and solar power. The Logitech keyboard has more features (not to say its availability for MAC users), although you might want to take a closer look into the possible problem you may encounter in terms of a replacement battery. Meanwhile, the Helios solar keyboard is a new device that doesn’t come with a lot of promise but which is one reliable keyboard that you can have. You can check the Geekie Store for a wide range of solar keyboards and other solar devices.

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