Smart Watch Market Domination: Pebble vs. Sony SmartWatch

Just when we all think that the smart phone technology has already been stretched to its limit and all the smart phone accessories possible have already been invented and released, here comes a new buzz-causing gadget that seems to be entirely changing the smart phone culture – the smart watches! These are watches designed to link with smart phones to enable users to connect to the internet via their phone – without the need to tinker with their phone all the time! Interesting concept, right? At this point, this new niche is still a little shaky, and various companies are competing for their market share. Among the leading products are the Sony SmartWatch and the Pebble smart watch. Let’s have an overview of these two products.

pebbleOverall Design and Construction

Both watches have ups and downs when it comes to this aspect. If you’re asking which of them looks more stylish as a watch when worn, we’d say it’s the Pebble. It’s sleek and slim, and it looks very cool. Meanwhile, the Sony SmartWatch, although it also looks neat, catches more attention because it looks thicker. That’s mainly because it has a clip on its back, which enables it to be clipped on to your clothing (such as your belt strap). This improved the versatility of the Sony SmartWatch, with a bit of sacrifice in terms of style.

The SmartWatch is more touch-oriented while the Pebble is more button-oriented in its operation. The screen of the latter is black and white while that of the Sony watch is colored. However, the Sony SmartWatch poses a challenge outdoors because it’s difficult to read in bright light, whereas the Pebble is easily readable in such a condition.


Function and Comfort

One notable thing that distinguishes the two watches from each other is their compatibility with smart phones. The Sony SmartWatch is compatible only with Android devices, whereas the Pebble watch can work with both Android and iOS devices.

When it comes to function, the difference lies in whether the watch focuses solely on sending you notifications to let you know you’ve got a mail or a call, or in whether it allows you to interact right on the phone. The Sony SmartWatch offers more interaction than the Pebble. It works with a wide range of apps, although adding the said apps into the watch can be a bit of a hassle.

While Pebble may not be as versatile in function, it has other redeeming features. First, this watch is waterproof, making it the more durable of the two. And, it also has a longer battery life compared to the Sony watch.

It is evident that both smart watches hold a lot of promise. And while there’s still a big room for improvement in both of these, they’re useful as they are at the moment. If you want a great-looking watch that can simply alert you of your phone activities without you having to get your phone, the Pebble smart watch is for you. And if you want one that can perform a certain substitute function to your phone, the Sony SmartWatch is a good choice. Whichever of the two you prefer, you’ll find the right one at Geekie Store.

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