Shopping For Cool Gadget Gifts For Father’s Day

Yeah, I’m a little late to this, but it’s about time I got my dad some cool gadget gifts for father’s day. He’s weird to shop for though. Sometimes he has everything – like being the first in the neighborhood to have a DVD player, and then a Blu-Ray player – but is so behind on others. He doesn’t play video games, so that’s out. I’ve asked him about getting a tablet, but he seems kind of put off by them. I think this is doable though. He doesn’t really use a computer but I think a tablet would rock his world. He could read books, check his email, check up on the sports, and even work on documents if he needs to. Never mind all the ap games he’s breaking on his phone right now.

My goal right now is to find such a gadget before tomorrow. I doubt many of the stores still have them for cheap, though. And whatever I get him has to be blue. He won’t accept any other color. He’s worse than my mother’s need for purple things. But I think he’ll really like this gift so it will be worth it.

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