My Niece Is Headed To College, I Am Buying Her A Cool Gadget Pen

By on May 20th, 2013.

I am going to buy my niece one of the best presents I can think of in order to celebrate her heading off to college.

I know that she will be taking a lot of notes in college, in both class and group project meetings, so I am buying her a pen that doubles as a recording device. The pen records everything that is going on as you take notes, and then when you review the notes later you can touch any word with a pen and it will start playing the audio recording at exactly the place that was when you wrote that word.

I know that there are many instances, both in my college life and in the business world after, when this would have come in very handy. many times it is difficult to recall exactly what was said when reviewing notes, which makes it incredibly difficult to study for an exam. You don’t know if you are remembering the nuance of what was expressed during the lecture correctly, so you might actually be committing the wrong thing to memory when you study from notes. By utilizing this pen, all of that uncertainty will be taken away.

I hope she likes it — if she uses it often, I think that she will find it helpful.

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