My Husband Bought Me The Coolest Gadget As A Gift

I got a promotion a few weeks ago, and to celebrate my husband got me the coolest gadget. He buys the best presents for me, I am always excited to see what is in the box any time he hands me a gift. I think of him as the King of buying cool tech gifts.

This time, it was a small but powerful portable speaker for my iPhone.

Although it is only about the size of an egg, it sounds like you are listening to music in a room full of powerful speakers. It amplifies the sound well while still keeping the original clarity — a feat that all iPhone speaker certainly are not able to accomplish.

I am very excited about this gift, because now we can use either of our iPhone to play music during backyard pool parties and barbecues, and I can also use it in order to play music or listen to audiobooks in any part of the house and not have to have my earbuds in. This makes a big difference if I am doing active things like working out or doing housework.

I said before that my husband is the King of buying cool tech gifts, and with this gadget he definitely has maintained his crown.

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