Microsoft Surface Pro vs. Razer Edge: Which is the Better Laptop-Tablet Hybrid?

Laptop or tablet? Usability or portability? More function or increased ease of use? For a long time, it didn’t seem possible to combine the best qualities of laptops and tablets, and geeky consumers had to choose one feature and sacrifice another when they’re searching for a gadget. But, with the introduction of the new laptop and tablet hybrids, all that has changed. These new devices pack the most appealing features from laptop and tablet devices and combine them in a device that is ultimately functional and portable. And when it comes to this new generation of gadgets, two names are taking the lead. In this article, we compare Microsoft’s Surface Pro and the Razer Edge to see which of them are worth our dollars.

razer edgeDesign and Built

Being a hybrid between a laptop and tablet, both the Surface Pro and Razer Edge are lighter than most laptops and heavier than most tablets. Of the two, the Surface Pro is lighter and more compact. It is also thinner compared to the Edge, which is a bit chunky. In terms of screen size, the Surface Pro gets a bigger 10.6 inches clear HD display compared to the Edge’s 10.1” multi-touch HD display.

Both hybrids come with various accessories, at a price. The most interesting add-ons for the Surface Pro are its Type Cover and Touch Cover, covers that double as keyboards. The Type Cover works like a real keyboard and attaches to the device magnetically, whereas the Touch Cover is, well, as its name implies, touch-operated. Of the two, the Type Cover is more responsive (and costs $10 more than the Touch Cover’s $120 price tag). For the Razer Edge, there is an available docking station that will allow you to connect it to your TV. Another available add-on is a gamepad controller that you can attach at both sides of the Edge so that you can play games.

surface pro

Function and Power

The Surface Pro is powered by a 3rd gen Intel i5 processor while the Edge is powered by a dual core i5 processor. In terms of display output, Surface Pro offers an edge because it supports up to 1080p resolution. Meanwhile, Razer Edge is perfect for gaming because of its dedicated Nvidia graphics. One more feature that most users love about the Surface Pro is the Surface Pen, a pressure-sensitive stylus that attaches to it magnetically. This enables writing and drawing on the Pro’s surface easy and convenient.

Between the two, the Surface Pro offers features that are more work-oriented, whereas the Razer Edge has features that will highly interest gamers. Unfortunately, both devices have a pretty short battery life. The Surface Pro has approximately 3 to 4 hours of power while the Razer Edge has an even shorter life (approximately just half of the Pro). And, that life is even shortened when you play games. Razer Edge offers a battery pack that you can use when gaming to extend battery life, but that also comes at a cost.

Our Final Say

Both devices are successful in their attempt to bring users’ laptop and tablet experience to a higher level. For those who want a laptop functionality in a tablet, especially professionals who need power in a compact device, the Surface Pro is a good choice. Meanwhile, those who are looking for a new gaming experience may want to get the Razer Edge. You can find both of these devices at Geekie Store.

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