Kobo Aura HD vs. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: A Comparison

Amazon’s Kindle line-up of eBook readers has dominated the market for a long time. For quite a while there, no one was brave enough to challenge these devices. Now, though, there’s something new in the eReader market, a device that’s trying to take the throne from the Kindle – the Kobo Aura HD. Packed with improved technology and with the promise of a better reading experience, let’s see whether the Aura can compete with one of the prominent eBook readers from the Kindle line-up: the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.


Technology and Power

In terms of reading, the Aura HD promises faster response and page turns, as well as generally improved user experience with its faster processor and bigger RAM. Meanwhile, when it comes to downloading eBooks, each eReader has certain advantages over the other. The Kobo Aura HD has an open platform, which makes downloads easy as it’s possible to download eBooks from any source as long as the devices are compatible. However, downloading eBooks can be done only through Wi-Fi, whereas the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has cellular connectivity, which makes downloading possible as long as there’s 3G connection.

In terms of storage, the Aura HD is the clear winner because of two things. One, it has bigger storage capacity – 4GB compared to the Paperwhite’s 2GB capacity. Two, it comes with a Micro SD slot, which allows for memory expansion to up to an additional 32GB. This allows for the storage of a WHOLE LOT of eBooks.

If you want some audio experience from your eBook reader, however, Kindle Paperwhite is your only choice since the Aura HD doesn’t have this feature.


Overall Reading Experience

To gauge user experience, it will be noteworthy to take screen resolution, product design, content, and other features into account.

Screen resolution is one aspect in which the Aura HD excels. It has a higher resolution, about 20% sharper, compared to the Kindle Paperwhite. Both devices have built-in lights that make reading in the dark easy and convenient.

When it comes to design, the Kindle Paperwhite is thinner and lighter, which you may prefer if you don’t want carrying much weight while traveling with your device. If, however, you’re after a bigger screen for reading, you may want to choose the Aura HD. This is also more comfortable to hold even just with one hand because it has two ridges that prevent slipping.

Content-wise, the Kindle is a great choice because it has already a big ecosystem supporting it. There is a wider range of eBooks available for the Kindle, both free and paid. It also allows reader-to-reader lending, offering a more pleasant reader experience.

Here’s What We Have to Say

Both the Kobo Aura HD and the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite have features that make them great eReader choices. The main differences between the two are in their technology and the content that they offer. If you want a more advanced technology, try the Kobo Aura HD. But, if you want a bigger reading selection, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the better pick. Once you’ve decided which of the two you’ll get, you can check out Geekie Store to make your purchase.

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