Jawbone Big Jambox vs. Bose Soundlink: The Search for the Best Wireless Speaker

Wireless speakers are relatively new discoveries in the market, having been introduced only during the recent years. But, once they were discovered, there was no stopping them—they have conquered the hearts of music lovers who wanted crisp sound at their fingertips. And today, there are two ruling kings when it comes to wireless speakers—the Jawbone Big Jambox and the Bose Soundlink.

Both devices are compact and portable, perfect for use in a wide range of occasions: from your regular music hangout inside your room to backyard barbecues with family and friends. Both can be connected wirelessly to your music player via Bluetooth, and both have a rechargeable battery. Needless to say, both are great picks. But if you need only one device and you need help choosing the right product, we give you the lowdown on these two speakers.

big jamboxSound Quality

Let it just be said that both speakers produce almost the same quality of sound (the difference between the two is very little). The Soundlink excels in terms of its bass, which is very strong and deep. When it comes to mid range and treble, however, Big Jambox sounds better. The latter also has the capacity for a louder volume, although the tone can get flat in very loud settings. When it comes to overall combination, the Big Jambox has an edge. It’s perfect for outdoor use whereas the output of the Soundlink will be better appreciated indoors. But then again, to reiterate, both devices have almost the same level of output—your preference will be all that matter.


Both the Soundlink and Big Jambox are stylish in their own way. If you’re looking for a funky look, the Big Jambox may be for you. Of the two, it has more color choices (black, white, and red). But, if you are more for the classy look, the Soundlink will give you what you want. It’s taller than the Big Jambox, sleeker, and thinner (compared to the Big Jambox which is a bit fat). The Soundlink will fit a suitcase better; it’s just like a hardbound book. This, plus the fact that it has a front hinged cover (which doubles as a stand), makes it ideal to bring when traveling. As for the Big Jambox, it doesn’t come with a cover or case, though it can be easily moved around inside your home.

bose soundlinkFeatures

When it comes to this, the Big Jambox excels in terms of sheer number of additional features. It has Live Audio, which enables it to produce even better sound when the feature is used. It also has easy-to-use buttons (play, pause, rewind, and fast forward), and it’s easy to discover by any Bluetooth device – all you have to do is turn it on. Meanwhile, the Soundlink has a separate Bluetooth button that should be held down for 3 seconds before it appears in your music player device. The Big Jambox can also serve as a speakerphone (although this may disrupt its music function), plus it can connect to two devices at the same time. To top all of these off, it is easier to customize compared to

the Soundlink because of the availability of more apps on the Jawbone Jambox site.

Battery Life

This is another winning area for the Big Jambox—it has a max of 15 hours battery life compared to the 8 hours max battery life of the Soundlink. For many users, this is the deal breaker when choosing between the two devices.

Our Recommendation

Both devices excel in terms of sound quality. The Jawbone Big Jambox has more features and a longer battery life, and for these it is a great choice. But, if you travel often and you want your wireless speaker with you during travels (and if you think 6 to 8 hours of endless music will suffice), then the Bose Soundlink may be the better choice. Once you’ve decided which of these to get, just check out Geekie Store and find great Jawbone Big Jambox and Bose Soundlink selections.

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