I Have A Birthday Coming Up, I Hope That I Get Some Cool Gadgets!

I admit it, I love tech gadgets. They are one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to budgeting — if I see a new gadget that I think is really cool, I almost can’t resist laying down my credit card and shelling out the dough.

That is why really excited that my birthday is coming up. I know that everyone in my circle of friends and family is aware of my affinity for tech gadgets, and I am really hoping that they come through for me here.

There are any number of amazing peripherals but I would love to have for my computer, not to mention cell phone accessories or music related tech gadgets.

All of my friends a lot of my family read my blog on a regular basis, so it is no mystery to them which tech gadget I am excited about and hope that I will be able to get at some point in the future.

I only hope that at least a few of them translate that knowledge into the idea that some of those outfits I have written about on my blog would make a great birthday gift.

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Authentic NEW JD Tech Stingray Brass Mechanical Mod
Authentic NEW JD Tech Stingray...
Kanger tech protank 2
Kanger tech protank 2
Mini High-tech Black Anti-tracking Rearview Behind Mirror View Glasses
Mini High-tech Black Anti-trac...
3D Printer Controller RAMPS 1.4 for REPRAP MENDEL PRUSA Arduino
3D Printer Controller RAMPS 1....

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