Cool New Gadget Gifts

Are you looking to buy something for someone who is the kind of person that has everything? You might want to check into buying something that hardly anyone has yet. For this you need to look for cool new gadgets. It is truly amazing all the new gadgets that flood the market every day. Some of them are pretty cool. The ones I am going to highlight today all help generate heat to perform a specific task without using electricity.

For example, what will your friend do when he has a meeting or a job interview and his pants got all wrinkled on the subway? He could pull out the awesome gift you got him: a mobile trouser press. This little gadget can be most useful to create creases in trousers or to press flyaway collars. It looks more like a squatty short hair flat iron, but this little baby heats up to 95 degrees. It also runs on either 3 AA batteries or by USB port. How cool is that?

The next handy dandy item on my list is a fire striker pen. Man has advanced so much more since the days of flint, stone, and wood to start a fire. The fire starter pen takes all the agony out of starting a campfire. This gift would be great for any adventurer friends you have.

Finally, my favorite new gadget is a slow-cooker that uses no electricity or gas. You cook your food on the stove first until it boils, then you place it in this slow-cooker insulated bag and the bag continues to keep the heat in so that your food cooks on. The best part about it is that you can take it with you in the car so that by lunch you have a hot delicious meal waiting for you.

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