Cool Gadget Gifts For The Athletic Person

There are not a huge amount of gadgets that you can buy for a friend or loved who is into fitness and playing sports, so it can be a struggle to find something suitable. Especially if the person is really into technology and the latest gadgets it can be a great idea to get them something they can use for their training.

Heart rate monitors are a great gift even for hobby and amateur athletes, and they are suitable for people that like to go running, cycling, swimming or just to the gym. One of the great advantages of heart monitors is that you can buy relatively basic ones for less than $50, or get a high end device for several hundred Dollars.

With the flexibility to suite every budget you will not disappoint the recipient of your gift. It essentially consists of a chest strap that monitors the heart rate and usually a watch that displays heart rate data and other information for the athlete. The more you pay for a heart monitor the more of a gadget it will be, with some devices resembling James Bond like coolness.

Using a heart rate monitor will also be a great benefit to an athlete, as training with one can significantly boost fitness levels. At the same it allows for analysis of training data meaning that fitness and progress can be tracked over time.

The higher end devices will come with built in GPS functionality which is a really cool feature. It allows for tracking of routes that have been run walked or cycled. The data is stored on the watch and can then be transferred to a computer and input into a map. For some people this may sound like an unnecessary gadget, but to an athlete with an interest in technology it can be a great gift idea.

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