A Closer Look: The Kudo Solar iPad Case and the Kindle Solar Lighted Cover

While various solar devices have already been introduced during the past years, almost none were made available for ebook readers. And even though there were attempts to penetrate this market, only very few succeeded. Well, that is, until two innovators stepped up to freshen up this market with new solar innovations. Kudo and Amazon have introduced solar-powered covers for today’s ebook readers.

kindle caseThe Charger

Both the Kudo and Kindle covers are designed to get energy from the sun. The Kudo solar case comes with a battery that collects and stores energy whenever there’s light and automatically charges the iPad. Meanwhile, the Kindle solar cover comes with built-in solar panels that collect energy from sunlight and a battery in which the gathered energy is stored. The battery can extend the Kindle’s power for a longer reading time.

The Kudo can lengthen intervals between charges by up to 10 days (for an average user) since charging is continuous as long as there’s light. In fact, if you’re not a heavy iPad user, you can go for weeks or months without the need to charge your device through a plug and socket. Meanwhile, the Kindle solar case can provide 10 days of extra reading time for every hour of battery charge.

The Case

The Kudo case is made up of a hard body with soft rubberized coating – perfect for protecting the iPad from shock and other damaging elements while keeping it scratch free. It’s even designed to be extremely solar since it’s made from biodegradable materials.

The Kindle case, on the other hand, is a combination of utility and style. It’s a form-fitted case with a great look, thin and lightweight for ease of use.

Kudo Case

Extra Features

Both cases have features built in them which improve their functionality.

The Kudo solar case comes with stainless steel stands that allow you to position it according to your need. You can prop it upwards for movie watching or just prop it a bit for about 15 degrees when typing. Aside from this, one great feature of this case is its ability to charge your other gadgets (cell phone, camera, etc.) – all you need to do is plug them into the case!

The Kindle solar case also has its own appealing feature – the built in reading LED light that comes with it. The lamp is pressed back on the upper part of the housing, and it automatically turns on, ready for use, when you release it. Then, it automatically turns off when you press it back in place or when you put your Kindle in sleep mode. This lamp draws its power from the case battery, not from the Kindle, so you can enjoy reading in the dark without reducing your reading power. Just one hour of direct sunlight can already provide up to three days of light.


The Kudo solar-powered case is designed for the iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3 while the Kindle solar-powered case is built for the Kindle 4 and the Kindle Touch. Both of these are available at Geekie Store.

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