13-inch MacBook Air vs. 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina

For many years now, computer manufacturers have been trying to create the perfect computer that balances power and portability. From laptops and notebooks to netbooks and tablets, newer computers are getting smaller and smaller. However, only a few really succeed in packing a significant amount of power in a portable package. Apple is one company that has shown success and promise in this regard as it continues to release powerful products that boast of portability.

Its MacBook Air has become a favorite among users who have found its MacBook Pro powerful but not really portable. And for a while, MacBook Air enjoyed the attention. That is, until the MacBook Pro with Retina Display was introduced – more powerful that the Air but almost as thin. So which should you go for?

MBP retinaPortability

When it comes to the size and weight of these two devices, there really isn’t that much of a difference. MacBook Air remains lighter (2.96 lbs) compared to the MBP with Retina (3.57 lbs). In terms of size, Air is also thinner (17.3mm compared to the MBP, which is 19.1mm in thickness), although it is a bit wider and longer (325mm x 227mm compared to the MBP, which measures 314mm by 219mm).


The MacBook Pro with Retina is still the winner here. For one, its Intel Core i5 chip is still faster. Its RAM is also bigger (even double) – 8gb. However, what really makes the MBP stand out here is, as its name implies, its 2,560 x 1,600 display. Imagine it as a hundred extra pixels per inch, creating very smooth icons on your screen and very crisp images and texts.

MB AirPrice

This is where a huge difference can be seen. The MacBook Pro with Retina has a starting price of $1499, $300 more than the starting price of the MacBook Air ($1199). Upgrades and higher specs will cost you even more. For instance, you can get a Core i7 processor upgrade if you want faster operation. The standard storage available for both devices is 128gb. If you need bigger storage, you have an option to get the 256gb. And if you need optical drive, you will need to spend more money because both of these don’t have one.

Now the question: which should you go for?

Given that both of them are portable, thin and lightweight, the two biggest differences that you’ll need to consider will be their performance and their price.

So what are you going to use your device for? The MBP with Retina is perfect for people who work on high-res graphics and those who do a lot of video editing. The Retina display will surely be of great help to your work. Meanwhile, the MacBook Air is ideal for other non-power-demanding activities. Its portable design is ideal for being a travel companion

And as to the question in terms of price, well that would depend on whether you’re willing to pay a few hundred dollars for the features that the MacBook Pro with Retina has. Our suggestion would be: if you really need those features, then go ahead and spend. But, if you don’t have any particular or serious need for those, skip the extra dollars and go for the MacBook Air. Once you’ve decided which to get, you can check Google Store to find your needed device.

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