Zumreed X2 Hybrid Headphones Function as Headphones and Speakers in One

Listening to your favorite headset to chill privately is cool. Sharing your music with everybody using your portable speakers is also cool. Constantly switching between the two is not. Until the new Zumreed X2 Hybrid Headphones, it’s either you party alone with your headphones or party with friends using your speakers. Now with this new hybrid headset, you can enjoy your music alone or with everybody anytime without having to carry and constantly switch between two devices.

The Zumreed X2 Hybrid Headphones feature switchable headphones and speakers in one ultra-portable design. You can simply switch back and forth if you want to privately listen to your favorite tracks as headphones or if you want to share the music with others and listen louder by using as speakers. The Zumreed X2 Hybrid Headphones provide a hybrid music experience while keeping a well-balanced and clean sound. These headphones have integrated amplifier that delivers high fidelity audio output with sufficient volume. They are comfortable to wear when used as headphones and very portable enough to place on the table and use as speakers. While using the speaker function, the Hybrid Headphones can give nonstop operation time up to 4 hours and can be re-charged to 1 hour.

Headphones Specifications:

• Type: Dynamic
• Driver Diameter: 40mm
• Sensitivity (S.P.L.): 104db
• Frequency Response: 20 – 20.000Hz
• Allowable Input: 30MW
• Impedance: 32 Ohm
• Weight: Approx. 347g
• Input Plug: 3.5mm Stereo Gold Plating
• Accessories: 6.3mm Stereo plug
• Cord Length: 1.2 m
• Size: Approx. W204×H190×D98 (mm)

Speaker Specifications:

• Type: Built-in Amplified Stereo Speakers
• Driver Diameter: 40mm
• Amplifier effective output: 500 MW
• Impedance: 4 Ohm
• Input: 0.4V
• Input charge voltage: 5V
• Input charge ampere: 400mA

Enjoy the use of headphones and speakers in one unique headset. Get the Zumreed X2 Hybrid Headphones here now!

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