ZIKMU Parrot Speakers – Cable-free Audio Streaming at Home

Cable free management of devices at home brings a lot of convenience. No stress of tangled wires, unattractive cabling, and limited placement of devices. These are some of the benefits of wireless and Bluetooth technology and what the new Zikmu Parrot speakers by Starck can give.
The Parrot speakers combine the revolutionary advantages of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for a more convenient and stylish audio experience at home. This Zikmu device allows you to listen to your favorite music from the modern digital gadgets like laptops, smartphones, Apple devices, and other media players that support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth stereo technology. It has built-in iPod/iPhone dock that makes use of Apple digital encryption chipset. Transferring audio tracks is also absolutely digital and supports all digital formats and even Apple Lossless.

To listen to your tracks from PC or Mac, simply use Wi-Fi connection. The Parrot virtual sound card supplies the interface with all the computer’s audio players like Windows Media Player, iTunes and more. To stylishly stream audio from iPhone, smartphone, MP3 players, or PC with Bluetooth feature, the Zikmu also supports Bluetooth connectivity. Using the Parrot speakers totally take advantage of wireless technology for a more convenient, stylish, and cable-free audio experience inside your home.

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