Z Fogless Stereo Shower Radio – Fogless Mirror and Water-Resistant Radio in One

Take me by the tongue, and I’ll know you. Kiss me ’til you’re drunk, and I’ll show you. You want the moves like jagger, I’ve got the moves like jagger, I’ve got the mooooooves… like jagger!” Don’t you just love this song? Every morning, while taking shower, it’s good to be singing upbeat songs like this. If this is what you do, which gadget do you use then to listen to your favorite songs? Your iPhone? iPod? iPad? Or other types of MP3 player? But don’t you think it’s quite risky to be taking any of these gadgets in the shower room? You sure don’t want your precious gadget getting soaked, right? So, why not use the Z Fogless Stereo Shower Radio instead?

The Z Fogless Stereo Shower Radio is a water resistant AM/FM radio that you can install inside your shower room for your listening pleasure. Whether you want to feel energized in the morning with cool R&B music and upbeat dance tunes or simply want to listen to the latest news, this shower radio will allow you to do any of the two, without you wasting precious time as you can do any of them while taking the shower. But aside from being a water-resistant radio, this gadget is also designed as a fogless mirror. So if you’ve long been thinking about replacing your old bathroom mirror, then this makes a perfect choice.

Want to grab this 2-in-one device? Then, check out the Z Fogless Stereo Shower Radio here and order one today!

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