Your iPhone Just Got Better with the Good Call iG1

Your iPhone may have the most advanced features, but when it comes to receiving and making calls, often times you find yourself secretly wishing that it’s as convenient as when your calling or taking calls from a landline. How many times have you stopped a call from your iPhone and switched to calling from a landline instead? Or how about the time when a friend called you on your iPhone and you asked him to call you via your landline instead of your iPhone? If you counted beyond your fingers, then you may want to equip yourself with the Good Call iG1 Handset.

The iG1 makes calling from your iPhone a lot easier and more convenient than you have ever imagined. Simply make a call from your iPhone, and it will automatically be directed to the iG1. The same is true if somebody calls your iPhone – you can very much answer it using the handset instead

of your Apple device. And you know what’s funnier about this, if what you’ve got is the iPhone 4 or 4S, the ringtone of your iG1 will be the same with that of your iPhone. Isn’t that great? And who says Siri is just for your iPhone? The power of Siri can also be used seamlessly with the iG1, all you need to do is press the Call button and tell Siri to “Call Larry”. Pretty cool, right? And unlike the usual handset with wires, this one comes wireless, so you get to enjoy more freedom when making and receiving calls.

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