YD-V36 Cup Holder Speakerphone – Lets You Talk on the Phone Freely While Driving

Talking on the phone while driving is a NO-NO, that is if you don’t have any earphones or headsets. But what if you are expecting a very important client call and you happen to be in the middle of the highway driving? Would you take the risk and answer that call, or would you rather pull over so that you can talk on the phone freely? Perhaps, you’d rather choose the latter but that’s far from convenient either. So, what to do then? Equip your ride with this device called YD-V36 Cup Holder Speakerphone!

Designed to make wireless communication more convenient, the YD-V36 is basically a speakerphone that’s made with a cup holder mount, so you can conveniently fit it in your vehicle’s cup holder and talk freely on the phone even while driving. As you already know, some car accidents may be attributed to texting or calling while driving. So, to prevent this from happening to you, you must at all times be cautious when driving and be free from any form of distraction such as holding the phone while making or taking calls.

For people who constantly communicate on the phone either for work or business, this gadget accessory is definitely a must have when driving.

Features and Specs:

* Great sound quality
* Fits into any vehicle cup holder
* Speed dial options
* Easy to use
* Bluetooth® Spec.: v2.1 + EDR
* Weight: 98g
* Profiles Support: Headset & Handsfree
* Talk Time: 8 Hours
* Standby Time: 100 Hours
* Operating Range: 10 Meters

Check out the YD-V36 Cup Holder Speakerphone here now!

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