What?! Unlimited Voice, Data and Text for under $60?

How much are you paying for your mobile phone service? Your monthly bill could easily add up to $80 or even $100 if you are getting unlimited voice, data and text.

I have just discovered this wireless network Flash Wireless. They provide unlimited voice, data and text for just $59.99. The best thing about it is there is no contract. You are not locked into a contract for 12 or even 24 months. Flash Wireless provides service on the Nationwide Sprint® network, reaching more than 250 million people. Sprint® is the network provider only; your service is handled exclusively by Flash Wireless. Sprint is a trademark of Sprint® Nextel.

Think of Flash Wireless as a reseller that could provide a better price since they bought it at bulk pricing. The current limitation for Flash Wireless Phones , is that they only provide ONE package, that’s it an unlimited package. If in case you would need additional line, each add-on lines gets a $10 discount.

When I check their phone prices they seem too high. But If you compute the savings you receive over the 12 or 24 month contract, you may still save a considerable amount. One more thing, they don’t have iphone. They don’t have the latest models yet, but if you are looking for bargains, you normally go for the model 1 or 2 generations older.

Check out the Flash Wireless available phones here.


If you think Flash Wireless is not for you. How about an HTC DROID FREE from Verizon.*




*Promo changes regularly.

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