Watch Program Anywhere Inside Your Home using Portable Home Roam TV Display

Rather than spending thousands installing TVs all around your house and putting cables on each and every one of them so that you can’t miss your favorite show no matter where you are at the house, consider the new Envizen Home Roam TV Display instead. This device lets you conveniently watch any of the TV show from Cable or Dish Set Top Box, DVD, Blu-ray or Digital TV through the brilliant 7-inch LCD digital screen. It is pretty simple to set up and use. Just connect it to either the Audio/Video output of a Cable or Dish Set Top Box, Bluray, DVD, media player or other outer device with AV output using the Home Roam TV Display’s included RCA cables. Once the adapter is plugged in to either of the mentioned device through the Home Roam TV Transmitter, the transmitter can now receive program anywhere in your home. You can watch programs whether you are in the kitchen, in your bedroom, den, or even when you place the Home Roam TV Display on your lap.

The Home Roam TV Display uses 2.4Ghz wireless AV signal transmission and has a wide range of up to 100 feet. It’s built-in battery can last up to 2 hours of use. Get the envizen HR701 here.

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  1. This article makes a great point about spending money on items you don’t need, unfortunately that includes this little portable monitor. I have service from DISH, my employer. I can stream live TV over 3g, 4g or WIFI on my phone, tablet or PC. This means that I can watch TV anywhere in my house and while away. Anyone who would like to try out this service can sign up for the DISH Test Drive, it really is freeing being ably to watch TV on my terms, where I want to.

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