Watch Live and Recorded TV on your Mobile Device Anywhere with the Belkin @TV

A lot of people find themselves in a hurry to go home everyday just so they can catch up with their favorite TV show’s schedule. Well, this can be very stressful especially if their work hours happen to end at the same time with most office people – they really have to beat the rush hour or else. If you ever find yourself in this same scenario, what do you do when you miss your favorite TV show? Do you just wait for it to be available online, or let it go and just catch up with the next episodes? Well, you can actually avoid doing any of these two by simply not missing any episode. And you can very much achieve that by equipping yourself with this device from Belkin – the @TV.

The @TV is a geek gadget that turns your smartphone or tablet into a TV. So whether you are still inside the bus or train or riding your very own car, you can watch your favorite TV shows, sports, and even movies without the rush. It basically plays exactly whatever is being shown on your TV at home, so live or recorder, you’re very much updated about what’s going on with your favorite character or player. It’s something that makes you feel like you’re at the comfort of your home watching, but you are actually not. In fact, even when you’re at the beach, out camping, or anywhere, you can watch TV right at your smartphone or tablet

with this gadget.

So never miss any episode or game again. If you want to see more, check out related set-top box products here.

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