Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo – Digital and Traditional Pen in One

Two heads are better than one – and that’s equally true for the new Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus Duo. Unlike its solo sibling and other stylus out there, the Stylus Duo is made for those who are into paperless digital note taking but still needs to scribble a quick old fashioned note or doodle on a piece of paper from time to time. The Bamboo Stylus Duo has two sides, hence the Duo – one is a smooth conductive rubber tip for use with tablet PCs and the other end has an inked tip for writing on paper. Switching between writing on a paperless digital media and a traditional paper can be easily done with a mere flip of the pen. This stylus also comes with a pen cap that can be placed on the unused end.

The new Bamboo Stylus Duo takes pride in recreating the most natural writing experience in both paper and paperless media. Its top of the line, soft, and slim pen tip ensures precise inputs and smooth on-screen writing while its inked tip delivers a comfortable and familiar writing sensation that’s found in common ballpoint pens.

Wacom also infused this premium stylus with an elegant and clean design and a platinum silver or black color scheme for that professional corporate look. Additionally, both the conductive rubber and ballpoint tip of the Bamboo Stylus Duo are replaceable making it a reliable writing tool for years to come.

If you are looking for Wacom Stylus for iPad, you can find it here.

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